This week we held our annual club assembly.  It was a new format this year as instead of a separate meeting conducted for the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, we included the entire club membership.  We want everyone to have a good understanding of what, where, why, when, who and how.  

A recap of what was covered is found below in LAST FRIDAY’S PROGRAM.   I think it can be summed up in two words, “GET INVOLVED”.  We have a wide variety of committees grouped into Rotary’s Avenues of Service.   Find one that appeals to you.  Try something different.  If you aren’t sure of what’s involved or you have an idea that you want to pursue, speak to the committee chairs or the Director of the area.  


I’m asking every member this year to devote two hours per month to Rotary (no, attending meetings doesn’t count but nice try!).   There are many members who spend much more time than this supporting Rotary projects.  But if you are not doing it now, I believe that everyone can find an average of one-half hour per week that can be devoted to our club (yes, this means you).  If you’re not sure how, see LAST FRIDAY’S PROGRAM.   



In just the past week, three grants were given to recipients:


$5000 grant to the Santa Monica Chamber Foundation to support Santa Monica Small Business Recovery Grants to our small business community

$2000 grant to Mending Kids to support free outpatient surgeries for children

$5000 grant to the Happy School Global Grant providing computers, sanitation and water to rural schools in India

The Santa Monica Rotary Club Foundation

Has earned a Platinum Rating from Guidestar




No fines this week but there’s a BIG ONE coming up!




Mike Kalhoff announced a Healthy Living Trip to Santa Cruz Island.  See Mike or Connie Maguire for more info.

Iao Katagiri announced the passing and funeral arrangements of John Pacheco, a long-time club member.   Many comments were made about John being a wonderful Rotarian and that he will be missed.



THANK YOU to everyone who helped at last Friday’s meeting:       

  1. Thanks to Donna Hackney and Chris Leefor serving as Greeters..     
  2. Thanks to Tom Larmore for our Music. 
  3. Thanks to Lisa Alexander for the invocation. 
  4. Thanks to Matt Williams for Guest Introductions.
  5. Thanks to Chris Lee for serving as Zoom host.




Friday July 23rd. was our Annual Club Assembly

It started with the President speaking about goals for the year.  This is the 100th year of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica and as such gives us an opportunity to turn the spotlight on us.  We have one year to use this visibility to highlight the accomplishments of our club, both currently and from the past.   The clock is ticking START NOW!


Club leadership is focused on creating a fun and rewarding experience for members.  The upscale lunches at Hilton, fantastic programs put together by Vice President Bill Chillingworth, social and entertainment events organized by Director Pam Brady and her team and a lower cost structure overseen by Treasurer Tom Loo will make this happen.


Ann Greenspun, Director of Membership Service, has been working with her team to remodel the membership recruiting and retention process.  One important need Ann brought up; hosts and sponsors.  We have a lot of interest in our club and when prospective members visit, we need Rotarians to act as hosts.  Show them around the meeting and sit with them at lunch.  Sponsors are also needed as we have many potential new members.  There will be signup sheets at meetings.


Networking and business connections are an important part of Rotary.  Rotarians in general and especially our club are the kind of people you want to deal with and Daniel Bennett reviewed networking opportunities for the year. 


Rotary is about service and our service impact will be measured by our successful participation in local and international projects.   John Bartlett as Director of Community & Youth Service discussed the projects of several committees.  John asked for each Rotarian to devote one hour per month to our service projects.   Seems reasonable to me.  Rotary International wants us to track service hours and new member Lauren Akmaeva volunteered to help.  Keep track of your hours spent on Rotary service projects and send Lauren an update;


Director Susan Annett told us about Vocational Service programs while Karim Jaude, Chair of our World Community Service Committee spoke about the great work we support internationally.



Take a look at the changes to our website:

To enter the secure Member Area, use the password: ClubMember2021.  This contains among other things, a library of information and forms that you will find useful.


To Access Your Personal Information Through ClubRunner, there’s a “click here” button. Note that you will need to provide your username and password to access the information. If you do not remember your username or password, please email for assistance.



THIS WEEK Our July 30th meeting is LIVE at the HILTON.  Our speaker will be:

Jay Boberg – As Founder of IRS Records at the age of 19, and later the President of MCA Universal, Jay discovered and promoted some of music’s most well-known talents including R.E.M., Fine Young Cannibals, and The Go-Go’s.  Jay walked away from his tremendously successful music career to pursue a life passion:  wine-making.    Jay has joined forces with one of the finest winemakers in the world -Jean-Nicolas Meo.  Together they have built a winery in the Willamette Valley in Oregon that is producing outstanding pinot noir. – Jay’s Topic – “From Rock Stars to Winemaker – Rocking Your Second Half”


August 6th is District Governor Guity Javid’s visit, don’t miss it!  AND REMEMBER, when we are live at Hilton, there is no Zoom feed.  The only Zoom viewing is when we have Zoom meetings and those coming up are: August 13, September 17 and October 1.


Yours in Rotary

Bill Powell

President, Rotary Club of Santa Monica