Service Above Self

Serve Your Community With the Rotary Club of Santa Monica

RCSM partners with local business owners and community leaders to empower change and provide positive support through service. We work hard to make a difference, and invite you to see what it is all about!

Our rotary club strives to make an impact at all levels with several avenues of service:

  • Vocational Service
  • Community Service
  • International Service

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica strives to live by our motto “Service Above Self” through several avenues of service. Each area focuses on the betterment of humankind and peace at different levels to create the most effective change possible:

Vocational Service

Beyond your dedication at the club level, your vocational service will focus on high ethical standards and professional skills to better serve your community. Rotarians have the opportunity to represent the dignity and value of their vocations to other members of the club, continually improving their practice for a lifetime of refinement and worthiness.

The Rotary Club relies on vocational service to promote peace and goodwill for humankind in a professional format. We believe in promoting the value of all useful occupations.

Community Service

Rotary Club activities often center around service projects to improve the local community. The Rotary Club of Santa Monica, for example, has participated in building, furnishing, painting, and cleaning various local structures and led donation drives to help local programs. We believe in serving those who need help the most and promote the value of service in the community.

International Service

Beyond our local Rotary Club, RCSM also promotes service at the international level. Our global chapter, Rotary International, focuses on goodwill and peace worldwide by individuals who are united by the ideal of service. People are in critical need of attention across the globe, and our international service focuses on providing humanitarian efforts to those who need it most.

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