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When you join RCSM you will be introduced to other leaders and like-minded individuals. Our club gives you the ability to develop relationships with people who can be a referral source for new business plus provides a community of experienced mentors. Learn more about us. It’s worth it.

As a Rotarian, you will:

  • Increase your business contacts
  • Add to your referral base
  • Develop lifelong friendships with leaders in the community
  • Have access to experienced professionals weekly
  • Make a difference in the community where you work
  • And have fun!M

Working professionals across Silicon Beach are always working to develop positive and productive relationships with other skilled individuals. If you are a local business leader looking for a way to get your brand out there in a productive and professional manner, the Rotary Club of Santa Monica offers ideal business networking opportunities.

Weekly Hosted Meetings

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica hosts weekly meetings to allow local business leaders to network and grow, strengthening bonds and creating a productive mindset for leaders in the community. If you’ve been looking for a way to make a difference in your city and put your business out there as a community-minded enterprise, our weekly meetings provide ideal opportunities for community involvement. Most meetings last 90 minutes and begin at noon every Friday. In addition to facetime for local business leaders, our lunches regularly feature dynamic guest speakers to empower your work and your life.

RCSM’s guiding principles focus on the practice of high ethical standards in business as well as the inclusion of our ideals in each Rotarian’s personal and professional life. We strengthen our bonds with local business leaders to empower our members to do more for the community, both locally and globally.

Organized Service Projects

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica organizes numerous projects each year to improve Silicon Beach and the world at large. From community cleanups to donation drives, service projects, and more, our networking group focuses on organizing effective programs that empower members of all ages to take part.

If you are looking for a way to put your business name out there, RCSM provides ideal business networking opportunities in a format that drives positive change. Check our upcoming events to see what we have planned!

Direct Connections

When you stop by our Rotary meeting, you’ll notice that the time is spent networking with local leaders. Our Rotarians are comprised of leaders in industry, government, the arts, business, religion, and beyond. These events provide direct conversation, allowing professionals across all industries to forge positive relationships that strengthen businesses while strengthening the community in which we live. We also have a committee that organizes small groups to meet outside our Friday lunch meeting to talk about ways we can send business to each other. Local business leaders can sign up to visit our weekly luncheons and see how much fun our meetings can be. We play hard, but we also work hard to help those in need.

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