1. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – November 28, 2021

    I was born in Washington DC too many years ago, the product of an Iowa farm boy father (who left and got a PhD in Economics) and French mother from an Academic family in Montpellier France. Public school educated, including Lycee in France, University of Maryland undergraduate and Medical School, internship and residency in San Francisco (a great place to be in the 1960s),…Read More

  2. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – November 22, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK  – Joe Metoyer, Club Member since 1995 The Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Metoyer, Jr. is our President-Elect.  He established an American Baptist Church – now affiliated with Transformation Ministries with a mission to provide a new and friendly worship experience with the intention of reaching out to a multi-cultural community.  Dr. Metoyer is the founder…Read More

  3. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – November 15, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK  – Tammy Andrews, Club Member since 2016 Tammy is a former VP of Programs in our Club.  She is President of the Santa Monica Bar Association, where she served on the Board of Directors for decades.  She is a Board Member and Treasurer of the Jonathan Club Art Foundation and a Board Member of Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. She was born in Bartlesville,…Read More

  4. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – November 7, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK  – Bret Carter, Club Member since 2006 Bret is co-chair of our Rotary Foundation committee. He is an attorney at law and shareholder of Clark & Trevithick, a Los Angeles law firm.  His practice includes corporate, business and real estate transactions as well as trust and estate planning and administration. He earned his B.S from Iowa State Uni…Read More

  5. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – November 1, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK  – Nora Bohn, Club Member since 2016 Born to a latin american show biz couple in Mexico. We Immigrated LEGALLY to CA when I was a baby-as a teenager. I danced on American Bandstand, did voiceovers in Spanish for radio and tv- lost my parents as a teenager. At 19, got a job as a flight attendant where I really should NOT have been in charge of ANYONE…Read More

  6. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – October 24, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK  – Kera Snell, Club Member since 2018 Kera was born and raised in Belize City, Belize and started her Rotary career as a Rotaractor at the age of 21. In 2009, she took a leap of faith and moved from Belize to Tampa FL.  with her 2 boys (oldest now 27 yrs serving in the Air Force and youngest 14yrs Chef Jahrid, (recipes can be seen monthly in Sant…Read More

  7. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – October 18, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK Judy Neveau, Club Member since 1991 Judy is 100% Hungarian, born in Budapest. Because of postwar issues in Europe, she lived most of her younger years in Stockholm, Sweden, until she moved to California with her widowed mother and younger brother. Judy attended LA High School, then completed her undergraduate education at UC Riverside, followed by her …Read More

  8. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK: October 10, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK Connie Maguire, Club Member since 2005 Connie is a lifelong Palisadian and has dedicated her career to the non-profit sector. She began her nonprofit career at age 15 as a camp counselor at St. Matthew’s Day Camp. After earning a degree in Physical Education from Cal State Long Beach, she took a job at the Palisades YMCA that developed into an 18 yea…Read More

  9. ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK – October 2, 2021

    ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK Chris Baca, Club Member since 2019 Chris Baca joined Meals on Wheels West in January 2014.His extensive non-profit experience includes his role as Regional Director for Community Healthy Charities of America overseeing efforts in nine states in the Western Region. Mr. Baca also served as Executive Director for Community Healthy Charities California wor…Read More