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On May 18th, we had our Public Service Recognition Day, where we honored incredible individuals from the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Santa Monica-Malibu School District and Big Blue Bus!! We also gave away money, had lots of fun guests, and we had a special presider while President Tom was away!
Here President-Elect Mitchell Kraus presents a check to Lighthouse Christian Academy from our Community & Youth Grants Committee!!  
Check out this power grab! Thank you, Vice-President Bill Powell for doing suvh an outstanding job in the hot seat!!
And thanks to Barb Bishop, our smooth and stylish invocator!
Fine Time!
Tricky trickster Bill Powell wore a sports coat and then fined everybody in the room not wearing one! And then got to Dan Smarg for a tardiness and Past President Judy Neveau for her travels! Nice job, Bill! :)
Our program's committee...
thank you so much to Diane Margolin, Donna Byrd, and Joe Metoyer for your hard work putting together the public Service Recognition Day!!
Celebrating our Public Servants!
Meredith Louria was the honoree from the Santa Monica-Malibu School District!
Captain Paul Bellante was the honoree from the Santa Monica Fire Department!
Officer Kristina Cochran was the honoree from the Santa Monica Police Department!
Brad Andrus was the honoree from Big Blue Bus!
Thank you and congratulations to all our honorees!! We appreciate all the hard work you do for our community!!
On May 10th, we had a special joint evening meeting with the Westwood Village Rotary Club!!
Westwood President Tom Barron and his wife Margot were greeted by our President Tom Larmore and his wife Karon. It's always so wonderful to be all together, to get to know Rotarians from other clubs! 
The DoubleTree Hilton went all out for us! It was National Shrimp Day, and the skewers were delish!!
Past President Spyros Dellaportas (middle) thanks Executive Chef Julio Herren for his fabulous menus, and the amazing desserts!
Thank you to our greeters, Erik Jorgensborg and Mike Cates!!
We got a special visit from Rotarians Jim and Nanette Davis from South Australia!
It was great to see our Westwood Village Rotarian friends, like Ellen Horwitz and Terry White!
And it was so nice that at an evening meeting brought some of the spouses of Rotarians out!
Chuck Husting brought his wife Myrna, and they were greeted by Bret Carter. Ken Waltzer brought his wife, Jennifer. And Past President George Collins brought his wife Pat....he swore she didn't sock him, but we're not sure. :)
Thank you to our speaker, Michael Sullivan!!
Our originally scheduled speaker was unable to come due to illness, but a fabulous replacement was found in the nick of time! Mike spoke about Homeboy Industries and the film that he and Paulist Productions are making about the organization, based on the book by Father Greg Boyle, Tattoos on the Heart.
May 6th was our International Food & Song Fest in Malibu, and what a beautiful day it was for a party!!
A huge thank you goes to Past President Tom Loo & his amazing wife Stefanie DoyLoo for hosting at their beautiful home!! 
Karim Jaude, Tom Loo, and Bret Carter were all instrumental in making this fabulous day happen! Thank you gentlemen!
This is a favorite event for many, and we are sad that this may be the last year we can have it at the Loo's home! Len Lanzi, Suzan Allbritton, and Timur & Melissa Berberoglu were enjoying this view for sure!
The music provided was wonderful!
And we even had a musical dancer!
Rotarians and guests enjoyed themselves eating and drinking, listening to music, and taking in the amazing view!!
Attendees included Patty and Jolly Gissell, Jeff Jarrow, Ben Blakely, Past President Nat Trives, Donna Byrd, John McIntire, Ellen Travis, and President Tom Larmore! 
More attendees included Greg Abrams, Jennifer Littlefield, Andrea Gressinger, Past President Spyros Dellaportas & his sweet wife Donna, Pam Brady, and Char Lawrence!
David Rosenfeld, Bill Powell, Pat Johnston and her lovely daughter Kathy, our long lost Blair Brandenberg, Billy Howard, RoseMary Regalbuto, and Tammy Andrews attended as well!
Monika White was kind enough to put all the musicians on the schedule, thank you Monika!! She attended with her hubby Roger Goodman and here they are with Robert Segal! 
Past President Paul Gaulke gives a warm hug to our hostess, Stefanie DoyLoo. She deserves lots of hugs and thank yous!
Looks like Chuck Husting is either helping Bret behind the bar, or getting into some kind of trouble. Which do you think is the case? :)
Thank you to all our vendors, those who sponsored to have them, and those who cooked! Everything was so delish!
And a big thanks to Mike Cates for sponsoring this gigantic bouncer for the kids that came!!
What a fabulous event!
April 13th was a wonderful day with our luncheon at Shutters on the Beach, thanks to Klaus Mennekes! We had Judge Amy Hogue as our speaker!
Judge Hogue discussed not only the workings of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, but of the judicial system more broadly. 
Thanks to Jim Menzies for greeting at the door! Nora Bohn gave him high marks!
And thanks to Bret Carter who gave a great invocation, and announced the big LA River Cleanup!
Chuck Husting brought a co-worker to the meeting, Christina Hopkins!
And President-Elect Mitch Kraus and Chris Wikle sat with Rotarian Ken Deemer, who was visiting from his Manhattan Beach club.
Sadly, this was John Miller's last day. He and Charlene are relocating to Orange County, where John has a new job and they are closer to Charlene's mother, who is in poor health.
National Scrabble Day!
In honor of National Scrabble Day, some tiles attempted to spell Rotary...it took a few corrections from Brian Linnekens, but eventually they succeeded!!
John Dracup couldn't resist bidding in President Tom Larmore's Travel Scrabble Live Auction to raise money for our Santa Monica Rotary Foundation, and he won!
It was a great day!! Thank you again to Klaus Mennekes and all at Shutters on the Beach for making our luncheon there so lovely!!
In March, many of our members went on the Rotary District Humanitarian Trip to Columbia! 
Attendees included Russ Warner, RoseMary Regalbuto, Donna Byrd, David Rosenfeld, Carol & Bill Powell, and George & Pat Collins!
They obviously had a fabulous time seeing the sights!
And participating in District parties...George Collins even won the dance contest!!
But they went there to get their hands dirty, and to help folks in that area!
They planted trees,
gave away backpacks and school supplies to kids,
helped paint a mural,
and even sat in on a cleft palate surgery!
Fellowship and philanthropy, it's what Rotary is all about!
If you haven't gone on one of these humanitarian trips, consider going next year. It will change your life!
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