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Live Meetings are at the Hilton Santa Monica Hotel & Suites

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2023 Humanitarian Trip

2023 Humanitarian Trip District 5280 is traveling to Belize March 23-31, 2023 for several life-changing service projects. Join your fellow Rotarians for the trip of a lifetime as you help improve the lives of people in Belize while seeing beautiful sites, enjoying Rotary fellowship and making memories you’ll never forget. Please see below for all information about the trip.
Service Project Trip: March 23-28, 2023
Optional Post-Trip: March 28-31, 2023 MORE INFORMATION

“We are DRIVEN by a desire to strengthen communities. We MOBILIZE problem solvers. We FIND solutions to tough challenges that affect people around the world.” – Rotary Int’l President, Ian Riseley
Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

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Weekly Lunch & Speakers at Hilton Santa Monica Hotel & Suites

1707 4th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401 @ 12:00pm

Note: The lunch cost is $68 per person.

However, we don’t meet there every Friday, so please check the calendar for the week’s meeting information!

Create Hope in the World

One Step at a Time…

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is here to create global change starting within our own community. We host weekly meetings to allow local business leaders to network and grow their professional and personal relationships, strengthening the community and striving for greater change.

We are always looking for motivated individuals and business leaders ready to make a difference. Contact us today to learn more!

Note: We are a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club! This means that all of our members are Paul Harris Fellows (have donated $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved Foundation grant)!

Our club is a member of District 5280. Check out the Rotary District 5280 website to learn more about our district!


“I joined for the charity, the work, the donations, and the camaraderie

I’ve been a Rotary Club member since 2003 or 2004, mainly for the charity, the work, the donations, and the camaraderie. I’ve gotten them all, and I’ve also gotten some business networking, but that wasn’t the reason I joined, it was more of a side-effect.”

Ken Waltzer, Co-founder and Managing Partner, KCS Wealth Advisory LLC

“I stay because of the amazing people and amazing work we do”

“I joined the Santa Monica Rotary Club because I was asked to, so I take that as a good lesson to always ask people to join. But I stay because of the amazing people, the amazing work we do, the friendships, and the camaraderie.”

Suzan Allbritton, Chief Financial Officer at Pediatric Physical Therapy & Services, Inc.

“I did not want to reinvent the wheel

“I joined the Rotary Club because I wanted to do some good. I did not want to reinvent the wheel. I do not have to have my own non-profit, I just wanted to be an Indian and help somebody else that has already figured this out. This Rotary group is just so much fun, I really enjoy being with them, and we do so much good — it’s been great!”

David Rosenfeld, Broker, Advantage Real Estate, Inc.

“The rotary fits my lifestyle very well”

“I’ve been a Rotary for 40-plus years, and the reason I am in the Rotary Club of Santa Monica and love Rotary is that it fits my lifestyle very well. I am a person who likes to help people who need help, and I have been doing this for many, many, many years. I think Rotary is a mountain.

Nat Trives, Former Mayor of Santa Monica and Professor/Former Administrator, Santa Monica College

“It really has been a life-changing experience for me”

“I joined the Rotary over 35 years ago in order to be with like-minded business people who love giving back to the community. It also gave me an opportunity to network with people who have the same great standard for moral ethics and business, and it really has been a life-changing experience for me.”

Bill Chillingworth, Chair, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

” I like Rotary Club’s social action programs, and that I get to know nice people

“I tried Rotary because Matt Williams and I conversed at a sushi bar, and I liked the Rotary Club’s social action programs that he talked about. I also liked that he said it was a social club, and that I would get to know nice people.”

Greg Abrams, Attorney

” We have common values and I like to serve

“I joined the Rotary Club of Santa Monica to end polio. And also because of friendship; above all, friendship. Rotary has become my social life.” “The Rotary is my social life, and it’s a people that have common values with me. I also joined the Rotary because I like to serve.”

Lisa Alexander, Attorney, Jakle & Alexander, LLP and Len Lanzi, SA&M Preccelerator Managing Director

” I love the people and the purpose”

“I actually joined the Rotary Club of Santa Monica for business, but what ended up happening is that I fell in love with it. Even though I do get business from it, even if I didn’t, I would absolutely keep going. I love the people and the purpose that it gives me, and the opportunity of service”

Andrea Gressinger, Leading Realtor, The Gressinger Group