1. Inside Look At Santa Monica Rotary (January 24, 2020)

    Salutations, Rotarians and Guests! The Rotary Club of Santa Monica holds weekly meetings to keep our club members informed about local and global ventures through the medium of meaningful service. Driven by our local business leaders, our Rotary focuses on connecting with our community and the world through meaningful projects and exciting events. We love what we do here a…Read More

  2. Inside Look at Santa Monica Rotary (October 18, 2019)

    Greetings, Rotarians and Guests! Our Rotary Club is here to serve as your local and global resource for enacting positive change, ranging from local service projects to major nationwide endeavors. We rely on local business leaders who seek involvement in their community, working with like-minded professionals to network and expand our reach. We’re always excited to welco…Read More

  3. Our Top 8 Reasons to Join the Rotary Club of Santa Monica

    The Santa Monica Rotary Club is a hub for progressive business and community leaders inspired to put their skills and abilities to the best use in order to better serve our community and the world. From local cleanups to global initiatives, SMRC partners with local and global organizations to create beneficial change..  The Santa Monica Rotary Club is here to serve as you…Read More

  4. Want to Connect With Your Community? Follow These Tips When You Join Our Rotary Club

    Rotary has grown to become a vehicle for enacting positive changes within the community, both locally and abroad. Our organization relies on members who are driven to make a difference, and this commonality has helped to create a culture of caring, motivated, and skilled community leaders. As a local chapter, the Rotary Club of Santa Monica is dedicated to “service above…Read More

  5. Enhance Your Personal And Professional Life With Our Rotary Club Speaking Events

    Working professionals and community leaders are always looking for ways to improve themselves, their work skills, and how they interpret the world at large. If you are looking for a way to enrich your skills while making a lasting impact on the world around you, it can help to find a service club with the events and resources to support growth and connectivity with other l…Read More

  6. What Does The Rotary Club Do?

    Rotary clubs are commonly known across society, yet many citizens are unsure of their purpose when asked. If you’ve ever been curious to know what the people behind that symbol do with their free time, be sure to keep reading to learn about a few of our main causes. The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is here to serve as a local resource for positive change, helping business…Read More

  7. What Can Our Rotary Club In Santa Monica Do For You?

    Nearly everyone has heard of the Rotary Club, yet few non-members can describe what it is that this social club does. If you’re interested in the Rotary Club of Santa Monica (RCSM), it can help to know that our organization in the heart of Silicon Beach puts forth and organizes projects that help our local community as well as those just like ours around the world. The R…Read More