Rotary has grown to become a vehicle for enacting positive changes within the community, both locally and abroad. Our organization relies on members who are driven to make a difference, and this commonality has helped to create a culture of caring, motivated, and skilled community leaders. As a local chapter, the Rotary Club of Santa Monica is dedicated to “service above self,” relying on our local leaders to help establish connections and forge positive relationships with like-minded individuals.

Our mission is to serve our community to the best of our abilities, leveraging professional skills and experiences to help create the best results for those in need. From cleaning the L.A. River to building homes with Habitat for Humanity, to bringing fresh water to El Salvador, and beyond, we’re always striving to enact beneficial change.

Our Club’s goals include building connections with members across the community to unite the most talented people with one plan — to make a difference. Keep reading for a few ways in which you can enhance your business networking abilities and connect with other like-minded individuals, then be sure to sign up for a free weekly lunch to learn more!

Start the Discussion

One way to begin building a beneficial relationship with your community is to join a discussion that focuses on enacting change. Rotary members number nearly 1.25 million, providing a vast landscape for problem-solvers to work together to try and solve many of the crises abroad and at home. 

You can begin to discuss your ideas and what motivates you. Rotary was founded on open-mindedness and the free exchange of ideas, so feel free to speak up and explain what you would like to see done.

Inspire Others

Another way to connect with like-minded individuals in the community is to set an individual standard for excellence and inspire other citizens to take on projects of their own. You can inspire others to serve their communities in a number of ways, including our Rotary Showcase. 

Highlighting the hard work that you and your team have done is an ideal way to network, as other businesses and leaders will look to you for future community improvement projects.

Increase Your Networking by Attending a Project Fair

Individuals hoping to increase their understanding of the world and connect with citizens of other countries can elect to take on international service projects. Many Santa Monica residents that join the Rotary Club are amazed to learn about the difficulties faced worldwide, and elect to help improve the lives of our neighbors in need.

Want to take on a project closer to home? Check out our upcoming events to see what is available, and be sure to lunch with us weekly to learn more and grow your professional and personal relationships!

Learn About New Cultures 

One way to travel the world and connect with communities both locally and abroad is to try the Rotary Friendship Exchange. This program enables Rotary members from across the globe to travel and stay in a new location, as members take turns hosting one another in their homes and at local Rotary clubs. You can build lasting new friendships, absorb information about your new home country, and promote the spreading of peace and service.

Beyond learning about the food, customs, and history of your chosen exchange location, you will also be able to further develop your working relations with other Rotary members. Choose your purpose for travel, and connect with a fellow member across the globe to begin the process. Hosting a Rotary member in your community can strengthen our international relationships and further empower our club to enact positive change.

Share Your Passion

Many Rotarians thrive on community service, but what about your interests and passions? Rotary Fellowships offer a wide range of subject matters for individuals across the globe, providing a perfect platform for you to share your passion. From off-road vehicles and antique automobiles to jazz, stamps, beer, Russian culture, and more, there’s a fellowship for nearly every subject out there!

Are you passionate about something not listed under Rotary’s fellowships? You can form your own fellowship! Start a new discussion, promote your idea, and increase your membership. This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals across the globe. With Rotary, you can enhance your business networking through subjects that people are passionate about.

Join Our Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is proud to be among the largest and most active groups in the greater Los Angeles area. Our club is always looking for local community and business leaders to join our cause, as well as individuals motivated to create change in the community around them. You can strengthen your network with our professional business networking opportunities in a manner that shows your dedication to your community.

Ready to get started? Contact us online with any questions, and be sure to sign up for a free first visit to our weekly lunches to learn more about our club!