Working professionals and community leaders are always looking for ways to improve themselves, their work skills, and how they interpret the world at large. If you are looking for a way to enrich your skills while making a lasting impact on the world around you, it can help to find a service club with the events and resources to support growth and connectivity with other local community members.

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica works to unite neighbors, friends, and working professionals in order to create lasting change within the community. From local food drives to global initiatives, our Rotary Club is an active force within our community.

If you’re ready to take action and grow your value, be sure to plan a visit to see one of our guest speakers. We offer weekly lunches at noon in the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, so be sure to sign up today!

One Hour, Lots of Content

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica offers weekly lunches to provide an ideal time for local professionals to meet and co-mingle. This hour is dedicated to business networking, project planning, and other crucial aspects of club business. Our Rotary Club typically hosts a guest speaker as well.

If you decide to attend one of our speaking events, you will see for yourself how fun and effective the experience can be. Our Rotary Club is populated by local leaders specializing in a wide range of vocations and philosophies. Through proper planning and concerted effort, you can expect to improve your personal and professional life.

Medical Professionals

Doctors, technicians, and other medical professionals schedule a speaking event with RCSM. These events can range in topic from new advancements and tips for healthy living to the current struggle with pain, addiction, and medication.

Musical Agents

Composers, conductors, and other musical professionals live a unique life, and often visit our Rotarian meetings to provide insights into their livelihood. Browse our scheduled events to find key speakers you want to hear from, and be sure to attend one of our lunches to experience Rotary Club for yourself.

Global Representatives

Understanding the complex trade system between the U.S. and China is difficult. You can attend our speaking events to hear from international diplomats, politicians, and more to better understand the current global dynamic.

Academic Professionals

From leading novelists to UCLA and USC professors, RCSM is proud to host speaking events featuring exciting insights into the worlds of science, engineering, and beyond. Look through our calendar of events to find speakers that pertain to your interests, and be sure to join our Club to become an agent of positive change!

Service Innovators

Creating a unique spot in LA’s dynamic food scene can be a challenge. Making your establishment known in an ever-changing industry can produce a big difference, which is why our Rotary Club proudly hosts local innovators to provide a fresh outlook on the service industry.

Service Project Leaders

Bringing fresh water to Mozambique is important. So is cleaning up our water sources at home. When you regularly attend our speaking events, you’re likely to hear from project leaders from across the globe. These speaking events offer meaningful opportunities for local leaders and business professionals to offer their services in making a difference for an area in need.

Public Service Recognition

Our first responders, educators, and public service professionals do a great job, which is why we host an annual celebration to recognize the efforts made by these members of the community. You can join us as we celebrate these everyday heroes!

Scholarship Awards

You can join the Rotary Club of Santa Monica in honoring our bright young people in the community as we provide assistance to help them excel through life.
Attend Our Next Event!

Our Rotary Club is proud to be among the largest and most active clubs in the Greater Los Angeles area. We’re excited to host our guest speakers, providing enriching opportunities for our club members. No matter your reason for joining RCSM, these speaker events provide key insights and ideal networking opportunities to help you strengthen your role in the community.

Ready to get started? Fill out our form to enjoy a free lunch at our educational event, and be sure to contact us online if you have any questions!