Rotary clubs are commonly known across society, yet many citizens are unsure of their purpose when asked. If you’ve ever been curious to know what the people behind that symbol do with their free time, be sure to keep reading to learn about a few of our main causes.

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is here to serve as a local resource for positive change, helping business leaders network in the process. Our club focuses on local and global projects and events to make the most of our members’ time, money, and energy. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions, and read on to learn more about what drives us!

Promoting Peace

Conflict has no place in our modern society. Our rotary club focuses on promoting peace at levels of our organization, working with all of our partners to foster a positive environment for everyone to thrive in. RCSM takes part in local and global service projects and provides scholarships and opportunities for peace to provide an ideal amount of stability.

If you’re looking for networking events that show your company’s commitment to the local community, our rotary club is here and happy to help. Contact us today to see how you can get involved in our community development projects!

Ending Polio

The Rotary has been working for more than 30 years to eradicate polio across the globe, and is now closer than ever to winning the fight. Our international organization has immunized more than 2.5 billion children to help protect them from this debilitating disease. Despite global efforts, this disease continues to affect certain countries, and is not eliminated to date.

Fighting Disease

Our health is essential to achieve a basic quality of life, yet millions of people cannot access the most basic of services. From temporary clinics and blood drives to community involvement projects, Rotary works provide healthful services globally.

RCSM serves as an advocate for progressive change for healthcare across the globe, and our local leaders help to lead the way in fighting problems such as HIV, malaria, diabetes, and more. From education to direct support, our club is dedicated to making a difference.

Supporting Education

Nearly one-fifth of the world’s population is illiterate. No matter where you go, education is a valuable resource, and can provide a world of opportunities for learners of all ages. Teaching programs and health initiatives have helped to make a difference in schools worldwide, including right here in Santa Monica. Our rotary club focuses on educational programs to provide support for students at all levels.

Providing Clean Water

H2O is one of the most basic needs for health and hygiene, yet many countries face poor water quality and sanitation programs. RCMS has worked with other clubs worldwide to help provide healthful, sustainable programs that help communities thrive from the many benefits of clean water. Like-minded leaders can enact amazing change across the globe, and our international efforts have helped to benefit the global population. Rotary hopes to provide everyone worldwide with safe water by 2030, so be sure to become a member and join in such a momentous project!

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica takes on local efforts to provide clean water in our community, including our local water sources. We have partnered with the Friends of L.A. River to help clean our waterways. Contact us today to learn more about our local involvement, and be sure to sign up for our weekly lunch to see how we can put you in touch with consumers and other business leaders!

Boosting Local Economies

Our foundation relies on small business leaders and local entrepreneurs to strengthen and support colleagues in need worldwide. The Rotary Club of Santa Monica works in association with our international chapter to create and implement sustainable solutions that foster further growth. We focus on support services that empower women dealing with poverty, high-quality training for local workforces, and sustainable food resources to boost nutrition and agricultural output.

Rotary clubs provide the perfect opportunity for business networking, empowering locals with the time and drive needed to make a difference. Learn more about our club before calling today.

Saving Mothers and Children

Mothers and infants from war-torn countries are often denied access to the most basic of health services, putting them at high risk for malnutrition and disease. Rotary International works to provide services that help communities worldwide, helping to prevent unnecessary deaths in high-risk areas. From mobile cancer screening units to traveling prenatal clinics, Rotary has provided the resources and support needed to assist in amazing outcomes for mothers and their children.

Learn More Today

Rotary Club of Santa Monica is here and ready to show local leaders how they can step up and make a big difference both internationally and at home. Be sure to contact us online, call us at 310-917-3313, or sign up for our free weekly lunch to see how you can help!