Nearly everyone has heard of the Rotary Club, yet few non-members can describe what it is that this social club does. If you’re interested in the Rotary Club of Santa Monica (RCSM), it can help to know that our organization in the heart of Silicon Beach puts forth and organizes projects that help our local community as well as those just like ours around the world.

The RCSM is here to serve as a local rotary club that works with local leaders and other clubs Facross the globe to make a difference in areas where it matters most. If you are interested in lending your time and effort in improving our community, read more to see how you can get started. We’re excited to work with local leaders, and host our weekly lunches to show prospective members how we provide positive outcomes for every project. If you have questions, or you wish to join our club, be sure to call us today!

Take On Great Challenges

Making great changes does not come without its hard work. RCSM strives to create the biggest impact with the support of our community and direction of our local business leaders. By working together in a positive and trusting relationship, local businesses can make a difference with our rotary club in fighting injustice across the world. You can take part in weekly meetings and scheduled events to support projects that make a difference, whether it includes fighting child sex trafficking ( or putting in time keeping our local waterways clean (

Teamwork at the local and global level can create amazing relationships that forge a future focused on making big changes. Sign up for our weekly lunch to see how you can lend your skills and experience as a local leader.

Sign Up for Upcoming Service Projects

It can be hard to realize the power of community involvement until every piece of the puzzle fits together. The Rotary Club of Santa Monica takes on projects both big and small, whether it consists of cleaning the L.A. River or providing fresh water across the globe. Rotary International lists many of the large-scale projects we take part in, which includes clean water, basic healthcare, disease-fighting programs, educational opportunities, and the promotion of world peace.

If you’re ready to get your business out there and put your best foot forward, Rotary Club of Santa Monica is here to provide an ideal networking tool. Charity wine festivals, food collections, and community improvement projects are just a few of the local projects we organize. Be sure to contact us to learn about how you can get involved!

Benefit From Fun Events and Live Speakers

RCSM is proud to be a leader in community development through the support provided by our local business leaders. Our local rotary club hosts fun and engaging events that bring local community leaders together in a relaxed, productive manner.

Check out our speakers and events page to find an event that interests you, whether it’s our Spring Fling or our rotary beach ride and lunch. We’re always updating our events page, so don’t forget to check back often for updates on events to attend!

Become a Local Leader

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is always on the lookout for people of action, and will be happy to work with local business leaders to provide an ideal networking event that shows their commitment to their community. If you have the time and energy to enact positive change in Santa Monica and the world beyond, our rotary club is here to serve as a partner. We rely on foundation donations and grants to support all manners of community development. Our social club takes inspired individuals of all types, and we’re happy to connect local businesses with our project leaders!

Work With Established Members

As an organization, Rotary International boasts over 1.2 million members and more than 35,000 clubs across the globe. Our volunteers account for 16 million volunteer hours annually, and strive to establish positive changes of all types. Our club activities, volunteer projects, and networking opportunities provide the perfect platform to extend to strengthen your business and personal relationships. We’re excited to put local leaders in touch in a way that helps everyone involved.

Call Today!

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is here and ready to speak with anyone excited about the prospect of making big changes in their community. We’re looking for business leaders to become advocates for improvement, and will be happy to work alongside those ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Contact us online or sign up for our weekly lunch that meets Fridays at noon at the DoubleTree Hotel in Santa Monica. The lunch is free, and will give us time to explain exactly who we are and what we plan to do for the world. We look forward to eating with you!