This week’s meeting, “A House Divided”, focused on the status and hopeful changes at USC an UCLA Football programs. This traditional rivalry lunch at our Club was filled with trash talk, and
team loyalty from beginning to end.

Past President Bill Powell introduced our expert panelist: Antonio Morales, who covers USC Football for the New York Times, Vince Evans, a former professional American football quarterback who was selected by the Chicago Bears in the sixth round of the 1977 NFL Draft. He also quarterbacked for the Los Angeles Raiders.

Evans played college football at the University of Southern California and was the MVP of the

1977 Rose Bowl after the Trojans 14–6 victory over Michigan. Bob Klein was moderator for

our panel and our final panelist was Josh Rebhotz, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations at UCLA.

Several points of interest discussed included:

UCLA revenue for the football program as it stands is 35 million dollars, but with a switch to the Big 10 revenue would increase to between 75 and 85 million dollars.

USC would increase its revenue by playing games in the Eastern Time Zone. Playing in the Eastern Time Zone gives both teams greater exposure.

Antonio says, like it or not, the transfer portal has changed college football. Whether players want a new opportunity because of a coaching change, or a chance to play sooner, the portal is a major part of roster building in the modern age. And with that freedom comes a lot of interest in elite players looking to capitalize on their eligibility before turning pro. Josh says the transfer portal is good for the young players who don’t want to deal with the issues of transfer. There are 25 transfers on the USC

Squad Portal now and UCLA has 23.

Vince pointed out the difference in what players received in his college experience and the door that’s opening for the level of compensation for college athletes now.

The impact of compensating college players at age 17 sums of money as large as eight million dollars could create larger problems.

The question-and-answer portion of our meeting gave everyone an opportunity to ask specific questions which commanded the audience participation even more. When asked about the impact of the COVID Pandemic on college athletes we were told that this introduced more online education. Now that the Universities are open to more travel the student athletes have more choices to enroll in online classes and that is good for travel students.

Immediate Past President Bill Powell, thanks for introducing our visiting Rotarians and Guests of Rotarians. It was nice to have Tom Johnstone, our District 5280 Assistant Governor at the meeting among other visitors. Bill, special thanks for introducing our Panelist on the program. Bob Klein, thanks for being the president’s pick and Moderator of our program. Rev. Captain James Fleming, thanks forthat creative invocation. Past President Tom Larmore and President Elect Ken Waltzer thanks for the patriotic song, the pledge, and the Fight Songs with the music. Greeters’ thanks for your gracious service. Cheer Squad – David Rosenfeld, Pam Brady and Rose Mary Regalbuto, you engaged everyone, thanks! Stan Fox, Carol Powell, V.P. Pam Brady, and Rose Mary Regalbuto you all had the back table humming, thanks. Donna Byrd thanks for providing the USC/UCLA decorations and the tailgate treats. Kathy Shepard thanks for connecting us with David for the tailgate grub.


Felix Crown admitted his nephew, Isiah Collier, is a high school basketball player in Georgia, who happens to be the No. 1 prospect in the country. Flex was the young Collier’s consultant when he visited Los Angeles. Several major Universities (UCLA, Michigan, and Cincinnati) were saddened to hear that Isiah made his decision to join USC on Wednesday and that immediately propelled USC into the

top ten in basketball recruiting for the 2023 Class. While Felix was FINED $250.00 by President Joe, a couple of Past Presidents, Bill Powell and Tom Loo, along with other USC Alumni Greg Hargrave, Carol Powell, Donna Byrd, Bob Klein,Paul Leoni and Dick Lawrence quickly stood up to pay his fine.


Our rivalry tailgate party produced Big Winners (not just in the game) but at The Soul of Rotary Concert, the Foundation District raffle on Sunday evening: Michael Cates, won First Prize of $7500.00, George Collins, won Second Prize $5,000.00 and Tom Johnstone, our Assistant District Governor, who attended our Rivalry Tailgate lunch won the Third Prize, $2,500.00.Congratulations to the Big Winners!

Thanks, and Congratulations Lan Nguyen. Her donation, through our club, to the live auction at The Soul of Rotary was a trip to Vietnam. The InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort on the Son Tra` Peninsula of Da Nang, which is also known as Monkey Mountain. This vacation sold for $3250.00 while it had a value of $8,000.00.


Our Club Leadership Elections are coming up!  This year’s elections will be held at our LIVE AT

HILTON meeting on December 16th .  We are making a change this year in how some of the positions are filled.  Many Rotary clubs don’t have “contested” elections.  Instead, there is a slate of candidates and the members vote to approve or disapprove the entire slate.

In the past we had two candidates for each open position.  This year we are trying a hybrid approach.  Some positions will have two candidates, some will only have one candidate.  For example, we have five director positions to fill, and your vote will be to approve the entire slate of five directors or not to approve the slate.  Since two of these directors will be two-year positions, you will then vote for two of the five directors you want to have filling the two-year positions.

This hybrid approach is a test for this year, and we will evaluate how it goes.  There will be absentee ballots available one week before the election if you can’t attend.  These must be received by 5pm on December 5th.  IF YOU NEED AN ABSENTEE BALLOT, REQUEST ONE FROM BILL POWELL at

The ballot was announced at our November 18 th  meeting and here are the candidates:

Vice-President: Mike Kallhoff, Kera Snell, Daniel Bennett, Kathy Shepard

Secretary: Felix Crown, Kathryn Markolf

Treasurer: George Pickell

Directors: Bill Rayman, Karin Wallerstein, Kinan Aljamal, Richard Lombari, Brian Linnenkens

Our President-Elect who will take charge July 1, 2023, is of course Ken Waltzer.  And our new

President-Elect??? – MONIKA WHITE!!!   Congratulations to Monika and let’s all give her, Ken,

and the incoming board all our support.

A Special Announcement from Richard Lombari!

What a great Rotary meeting today!  It was so much fun seeing USC & UCLA colors on display! (And hearing a bit of trash talk too!)

As the Membership Recruitment Chair, I could not have been more thrilled at the number of guests our members brought!  What’s even more exciting? This week three visitors raised their hands to apply for membership!  YAY!!!

The larger our club, the more we can do for our community!  Let’s stay on a roll! We are dark next week for Thanksgiving, but the following week, Emily Parker, a coastal and marine scientist will be talking about the work of Heal the Bay.

My ask is this:  Consider who you know that might LOVE hearing about the work of Heal The Bay, and invite them to the December 2nd meeting.  Don’t invite them for me… or even for the club. Invite them for a topic they have interest in!  Invite them because they might be missing out in participating in a fulfilling charitable organization! Invite them to make new, like-minded friends! Invite guests because you want to help them. Please try and think of inviting one person to this sure to be fascinating program!

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


DARK for Thanksgiving

Movember is Back!

The goals are to raise awareness and raise money too.

The Movember organization focuses mainly on mens mental health. The goal at Rotary is to raise awareness for mens and woman’s mental health. This will be our 3rd year participating..

From Movember – WELCOME BACK Rotary Club of Santa Monica
It’s great to see you again. You’ve repped us proudly in the past, raising $4,615 for men’s health over your Mo career.  Nice work!

Last year, you received 19 donations, totalling $2,615. ($1600 from Rotary in 2021) )

Those funds have helped change and save lives, not to mention the men’s health awareness you helped spread among your friends and family. We can’t wait to see you take on Movember 2022. Go hard and have fun.

Here is the plan…

The 1200 mile goal is to get 20 members to move 60 miles during the month, to raise awareness of the 60 men that die each hour globally due to suicide. We actually averaged over 80 miles per member participating in 2021 for a total of 1619 miles..

1. Nov 1 start – ends Nov 30.

2. Rotary Members can participate by “moving” and/or donating money on the site.

3. We will have a Mustache contest again. Year 1 winner Mitch Kraus, Year 2 Tom Larmore.

4. Report all Movements/Activity to John Bartlett at.

Conversion Key…

  • Walking / running 1mi = 1mi
  • Cycling 3mi = 1mi
  • Workout 20 mins = 1mi
  • Swimming 1 mi = 3mi

Let’s always be aware of the importance of mental health.
Movember needs financial support too. You can contribute at any time between 11/1 and 11/30/2022 $300 has been raised from donations by you all. Thank you! –


Movers Tally 11/20/22 = 19 Amazing Rotarians

1. Greg “The Beast” Hargrave – 120
2. Bret “Paul Harris” Carter – 67.6
3. Carol “Former First Lady ” Powell – 65
4. Kathy “Woo hoo” Shepard – 63.9
5. Mitch “Still No Stache” Kraus – 63.5
6. Erik ” Rembrandt ” Jorgensborg – 61
7. John “JB ” Bartlett – 57
8. Andrea “The Messenger” Gressinger – 49
9. Bill “Big Chill” Chillingworth – 44.2
10. John ” PT God ” Dravillas – 40.3
11. Tammy “Pickle Ball” Andrews – 34
12. Ken ” Dr. Finance” Waltzer – 33.7
13. John “U.S. Army” McIntire -33.4
14. Judy “Pilates” Neveau – 32
15. Lisa ” Hiking Queen” Alexander -29
16. Kathryn “Good Neighbor” Markolf – 28
17. Karin “Polish Sister” Wallerstein – 13
18. Len ” LAFC” Lanzi – 11.25
19. Sharon ” The Machine” Gavin – 10.5

To visit our team page or make a financial donation, use the link below.

Become a Holiday Angel and help families in need
(in partnership with Connections For Children)

Donate unused & unwrapped toys for ages 0-18 years old (ages 13-18 preferred – gift cards, make-up sets, board games, sports equipment, accessories, and technology).
1.    Drop toys off at the December 2nd Rotary meeting or bring to the volunteer event at the CFC office on December 10.
2.    OR contact Karla Guerra (, 310-452-3325 x276) to schedule a time for the collected toys to be picked up or dropped off to the Connections for Children office.
3.    OR purchase from the CFC Amazon Wish List:

1.    Saturday, December 10 (9:00am-noon): Help sort the donated toys and fill bags with what each family requested!
2.    Saturday, December 17: (10:30am-12:30pm): Help hand out gifts to families.
Note: If you cannot make this time, gift distribution will also occur Friday 12/16 from 12-5pm and on Saturday 12/17 from 9am-5pm.

Where: The CFC office at 5901 W. Century Blvd. Los Angeles

Thank you for helping to put a smile on a child’s face during the holiday season! For questions or to sign up, please email Also, please let Connections for Children know directly with this link: RSVP for Holiday Angels.


MEETING LOCATION: Hilton Hotel, 1707 Fourth Street, Santa Monica

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 586, Santa Monica CA 90406