Good Morning, Rotarians and Guests!

Our Rotary Club is here to generate positive change within our local community and abroad through meaningful service driven by our local business leaders. The Rotary Club of Santa Monica relies on local leaders to inspire and organize change at the personal and professional level, and we’re always excited to greet new guests and members!

If you missed our meeting last week, or you are interested in learning about what our weekly meetings are all about, then keep reading for notes from October 25, 2019. 

Our Guest Speaker

This week, we heard from Mallika Chopra, who spent time telling us about her life and about “Living With Intent.” She also led us through mindfulness and meditation exercises, which proved to be great. Thanks for speaking with us and telling us about your program!

Connecting With the Community

Our Mission:

Rotary’s mission to work alongside our community to enact positive changes helps to drive our vision of improving our local community through service. Through this work, we strive to foster positive and productive relationships with businesses and individuals across society.

Breast Cancer Awareness:

On Friday, everyone was reminded to sign up for the Rotary Club of Santa Monica team to walk for “Making Strides for Breast Cancer” on October 26. Also, thank you to Pam Brady, Carol Powell, and Andrea Gressinger for participating in the walk! They added 12 hands-on service hours to our Rotary total this year.

Community and Youth Grants:

Mitchell Kraus reminded everyone that the deadline to submit applications for our Community & Youth Grants is October 30. 

New Heroes Celebration:

For those still interested, we have four FREE tickets available to the Santa Monica Chamber’s New Heroes Celebration on November 5. This is a perfect time to mingle with city leaders and improve your business networking. Let Sharon know if you are interested!

Philanthropic Announcements:

On Friday, Andrea Gressinger announced that we have $1,500 more in donations to match the generous offering from the Powells. She offered $100 raffle tickets to meet this goal. As of Monday morning, we have met our goal! The Rotary Club of Santa Monica would like to thank Andrea Gressinger, Andrea, Tom Loo, Tammy Andrews, John Dracup, Tom Larmore, Matt Williams, Kal Wayman, Vicky Curtis, Lisa Alexander, Laurel Rosen, Russ Warner, Mitchel Kraus, Damien Hirsch, and Steve Taub.

Connecting With the World

Our Mission:

The Rotary Club of Santa Monica works in cooperation with Rotary International to enact positive change to individuals and communities in need at a global level. Our drive to create worldwide improvements and raise awareness to current issues helps us to provide ideal service for those in need.

Foundation Celebration:

Bret Carter reminded everyone about the Rotary District 5280 Foundation Celebration held on Sunday, October 27. He also mentioned the Paul Harris raffle tickets that were available for purchase.

Donating Dental Supplies:

For those of you that took part in our project to donate dental supplies to people in need in Jamaica, thank you! Our club donated $250 to make a difference.

Eradicating Polio:

DG Melody shared a link related to World Polio Day, which was October 24. For those still interested, you can follow the link and learn about donating and how to help further.

Connecting With Each Other

Halloween Party:

Thank you to David Rosenfeld for hosting our Rotary Halloween party last Saturday night. 

Catalina Eco-Trip:

Bill Chillingworth showed us a fantastic video of our Rotary’s Catalina Eco-Trip. You can check out this video to see how much fun activities can be when planned by the Healthy Living Committee.

Rotary Swag Incoming:

Bill also announced the arrival of our Rotary swag, which includes our brand on shirts, hats, and more. Get your hands on our RCSM gear!

Rotary Holiday Party:

Kathy announced a “Save the Date” for our annual holiday party, which will be hosted on Friday, December 6 at the Dracup home. Be sure to plan ahead to make this fun event!

Coming Up This Week:

On Friday, November 2, our club will meet back at the DoubleTree Hotel. We will hear from guest speaker Esther Tseng, who will discuss the LA food scene and how to choose a restaurant. Be sure you don’t miss out!

Want to Join the Rotary Club?

If you’re ready to become a part of something bigger than yourself and forge new friendships with other working professionals, then be sure to check out our Rotary Club for more information. SMRC hosts weekly meetings to produce positive change at both the local and global level. You can sign up for our free lunch to see what all of the excitement is about firsthand. We’re excited to welcome local leaders who are ready to make a difference.

Have questions? You can contact us online for assistance. We look forward to seeing you next week!