1. Rota-Monica #8

    We had another exciting program this past week and thanks to all who made it possible.  The Cheering Squad was back out cheering the day on to a spirited beginning.  Judy Neveau and Richard Lombari thanks for greeting all as we arrived.  Richard thanks for serving triple duty today in addition to greeting you delivered a powerful invocation and took some excellent photo…Read More

  2. Rota-Monica #7

      I would like to thank all who helped make our meeting a success last week: Mitchell Karus and Len Lanzi were the Zoom Masters, and they did a masterful job.  Gary Ogden thanks for greeting all as we joined the meeting.  The cheer leading team was at it again with the “JOE” chant. Charlie Follette thanks for being the president’s pick and thanks for all the years…Read More

  3. Rota-Monica #6

    District Governor, Olivia Patterson Ryans made her official visit to our club last Friday.  Other dignitaries joined her including the First Gentleman, Robert Ryans, her Chief of Staff, Alex Parajon, Senior Assistant Governor, Glenn Gomez and our Assistant Governor, Tom Johnstone. I would like to thank all who helped make our meeting a success last week:  Gary Ogden for …Read More

  4. Rota-Monica #5

    Rota-Monica #5 August 9, 2022 “Rotary Bingo” was played by all in attendance at this week’s meeting.  We apologize to our Zoomers, sorry you didn’t get to play.  Due to a fire rescue emergency Fire Chief Danny Alvarez was a little delayed getting to the meeting.  He was our program of the day so, to fill in we called on Past President Bill Powell to lead us in …Read More

  5. Rota-Monica #4

    We had our first all virtual meeting of the new Rotary year this past Friday. Mitchell Kraus was the hero of the day he hosted our virtual meeting on Zoom. This is evidence that Past Presidents are invaluable to the creativity of our club. Past Presidents also offer encouragement!  After receiving the Rota-Monica last week Dr. Bill Werner, Past President 1985-1986, sent u…Read More

  6. Rota-Monica #3

    July 27, 2022  A very special thanks to all who made this week’s program a true success.  Setting the stage for an entertaining meeting was the “Joe Cheer Squad” led by David Rosenfeld, Pam Brady, and Karin Wallerstein with pom poms in hand.  Thanks to Karin Wallerstein and Charlie Follette for greeting everyone, Carol Jackson led our patriotic song and pledge wit…Read More

  7. Rota-Monica #2

    July 19, 2022 We had our Club Assembly this week we shared our vision for this Rotary year.  We started our meeting with a champagne reception, thanks to past presidents Bill Powell and Tom Larmore, V.P. Pam Brady and yours truly.  We also had special guests at our reception.  Here’s the president celebrating with the Laker Girls. This year we want to focus on members…Read More

  8. Rota-Monica #1

    July 10, 2022 Our first “Happy Hour” was on Wednesday, July 6th at The Buffalo Club here in Santa Monica.  Thankyou Gary Ogden for arranging a fun evening of shared friendship. We all networked and shared stories. On Saturday, July 9th we had a challenging but wonderful Day of Service experience with Friends of the LA River as we joined with others in the LA River Cle…Read More

  9. Rota-Monica

    Thank you for attending the Dethroning of President Bill Powell at Dukes Restaurant Malibu. Thank you to Bill for a fabulous year and thank you Carol for being our First Lady! DETHRONING Friday June 24th was our Dethroning Celebration at Duke’s Malibu.  Former President-Elect-Elect and now President-Elect Ken Waltzer led the Dethroning Committee in putting together a fa…Read More