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On January 20th Rotarians participated with the Healthy Living Committee in a Santa Monica Historical Walk!
A walking tour of historic buildings and locations in the downtown core of Santa Monica drew a group of history buffs from Rotary including Greg Abrams, Larry Maher, Alan & Vala Glick, David Rosenfeld, Eric Schmitter, Timur & Melissa Berberoglu!
A knowledgeable docent from the Santa Monica Conservancy provided fascinating facts and stories about buildings that most of us drive or walk by regularly but didn't know anything about them.
January 19th brought us a wonderful day! We had speaker Geoffrey Cowan talking on campaigns and elections, a lot of fun guests, and a great time with Savi's Surprise Challenge!
Larry Mortorff took charge of introducing our speaker Geoffrey Cowan! Geoff talked about his innovation at the 1968 Democratic Convention that changed the way the Democratic Party organized its state primary system, and brought some Teddy Roosevelt "presidential campaign" buttons!
Thank you to Bill Dawson and Past President Judy Neveau for greeting at the door! Their first victim was President Tom Larmore. :)  
Thanks also to Ken Waltzer (and Timur Berberoglu, not pictured) for providing the music for the day!
We appreciate John Miller for introducing all our visiting Rotarians and guests! Sylvan Berg from Bonn, Germany apologized that he did not have a banner from his club.  The global environment conference in Bonn drew about 20,000 people, some of them Rotarians who visited his club and depleted their banner supply.
Diane Margolin invited her friends Frances Bilak and JR Dzubak, both from the Beverly Hills Club, to join us. Frances was the highest bidder ($200) for an autographed book by our speaker! Geoff Cowan donated the book so that the club could put a little money into our Santa Monica Rotary Foundation. Frances got one of Geoff's Roosevelt pins, too!
Savi was at it again, with the help of President Tom, torturing the membership with silly games. :) 
Members had to guess someone's name and occupation...
Tom Woods was asked to stand so RoseMary Regalbuto could try and guess who he was and what he did...
and she got it all right! Killer job, Rosie!  
Welcome back to another of our nearest and dearest!
We were so happy to welcome back Russ Warner, who has been on an extended medical leave of absence!
Thanks to the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel for entertaining our themed days once again, with National Popcorn Day!!
It was such a nice meeting! Thanks to all who made it possible!
Rotarians attended the District Breakfast on January 9, 2018, where they enjoyed a buffet breakfast and a fabulous speaker!
Attendees consisted of Mike Cates, Past President Judy Neveau, Pat Johnston, Daniel Bennett, Executive Secretary Savi Labensart, Past President George Collins, President Tom Larmore, and Russ Warner.
The speaker was John Mulchaey, the Director of Carnegie Observatories, who talked about astronomy, the big bang, the vastness of the universe, and what we are made out of! It was fascinating! 
In this pinch of space is 3,000 galaxies, each with a trillion planets, all 8 to 10 billion years ago! 
December 15th was a huge and marvelous day! We had our Club Meeting & Elections, along with celebrating the holidays by having an ugly sweater contest and hearing the very talented Santa Monica High School Choir sing holiday tunes!
Roger Davis thanked the choir director and choir co-chair. They put on such a great performance!!
Huge thanks to Steve Eorio, who sponsored and supplied a wine reception! He drove his wonderful wine down from his vineyard in Paso Robles through the fires on the 101! Jim & Dee Menzies (Past  Treasurer & Past President) were especially glad! 
As always, many thanks to the Decorations Committee for putting together such lovely holiday cheer!!
And thank you to the DoubleTree staff!
We had them pause their good work of feeding us to get some recognition, and a standing ovation! They have taken such excellent care of us every Friday!
Spyros Dellaportas and Nora Bohn were loving the array of holiday desserts!
We had some awesome participants! Dick Lawrence went with a Grinch pinch, and Nora? "Come on baby, light my menorah!"
President Tom was in fine form as well, with his reindeer that...
well, let's just say I wouldn't eat those Hershey kisses, and neither would Past President Judy Neveau!  
Past President Connie Maguire took a more traditional approach, and added her usual Irish flair of course!
Myles Pritchard, I wish we could have given you a prize, but it wouldn't have been for ugly, because you looked pretty darn dapper in that vest and candy cane pants! I think Len Lanzi would agree!
No, the ugliest sweater prize went to the ugliest holiday attire the judges had ever seen...congrats to Steve Litvack! Your half and half Christmas/Hanukkah sweater was politically correct and atrocious!!
The adorable RoseMary Regalbuto was promoting the toy drive! That drone looks so cool, and what a fun gift to donate.
New member, Greg Abrams, looked like he was having a blast watching all the holiday festivities. We are so glad you've joined us, Greg!
Former member Kathy Shepard came to lunch, and posed for Iao with RoseMary Regalbuto and Len Lanzi. It was such a nice surprise to have her there!
And Matt Williams brought another prospective member, Drew Cohan! Matt, you are killin' it on recruitment, brother! 
Ann Greenspun was happy to see Jim Reidy, as was everybody else! We love when you can make it to a meeting, Jim!
It was a great day! Thanks to all who made it possible!
On December 8th, we gathered for our Holiday Party at the home of the very gracious and generous Jolly and Patty Gissell! It was a marvelous evening! 
Myrna Husting, Lisa Alexander, Chuck Husting, Val and Alan Glick all had a blast!
Great to see John McIntire and his guest Ellen Travis, and we are so happy to see Robert Segal around again!
David Rosenfeld is the baby whisperer, proven here as he holds little Mia, the daughter of former Executive Secretary June Doy. Apparently Russell Nelson still needs some convincing, though.
It was great to have our leadership there! President Tom Larmore attended with his lovely wife Karon.
President-Elect Mitchell Kraus came with his beautiful bride Cynthia as well, and they enjoyed time with Suzan Allbritton (middle).
Likewise, it was wonderful to have some of our newest members in attendance! Here is John Dracup and his wife Kathleen...
And Dan Smarg attended with his girlfriend Mariah Chambers!
We are incredibly grateful to Patty and Jolly Gissell for hosting the party at their beautiful home! Here is Patty with her sister, Sally Lamp. They all worked so hard and were such kind hosts!
A highlight of the house is upstairs where Jolly has a whole room dedicated to his incredible and intricate train set!
Other fun-filled festive folks included Bret Carter, Vicky and Joe Curtis, and Matt Williams...
Spyros Dellaportas...
Andrea Gressinger and her hubby Todd Baker...
Kurtis Magee and his lovely date Nicole Webb...
Dick & Char Lawrence... 
Paul Leoni, David Rosenfeld, Marilyn Leoni, and Jim Menzies...
Jay Smith, Monty McCormick, and Susan Smith...
Deborah Williams (middle) with Executive Secretary Savi and her date Benjamin Goldman...
many of our Past Presidents, including Tom Loo, Hal Quigley and George Collins...
Suzan Allbritton, Holly Gregory, Iao Katagiri, Jack Gregory, and Lisa Alexander...
Alan & Vala Glick...
Monika White with her husband Roger Goodman, and Robert Segal...
Nora & Paul Bohn...
Carol & Bill Powell...
Ann Greenspun and Donna Dellaportas.
Accompanied by our pianist for the evening, Max Haymer, the Rotarians gathered after dinner to sing carols! Looks like Daniel Bennett, Nora Bohn, Matt Williams, Jack and Holly Gregory, Lisa Alexander, and Myrna Husting were having fun!
It was a great party! Thanks to all who made it possible, especially Nora Bohn, Carol Powell and Dee Menzies who spearheaded the event!
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Feb 23, 2018
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Mar 09, 2018
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Mar 16, 2018
Scientific Review of Stem Cell Science
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Mar 30, 2018
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Apr 06, 2018
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Apr 13, 2018
Car Collector - Peterson Museum
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Apr 20, 2018
CRISPR Genetics

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