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Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners!

Each year, the Rotary Club of Santa Monica is pleased to present students with scholarship money for school! Awardees from middle school through community college are invited to our luncheon with their guests to receive their certificates and checks.

Congratulations go to: Stephanie Caroliny da Silva Triska, Orlando Gonzalez Gudino-Guizar, Terrance Ware, Jr., and Dane Cruz from Santa Monica College; Kyle Zolkin, Jaredan Levin, Anna Pack, and Luis Ramirez Hernandez from Santa Monica High School; Olivia Fitzmorris from St. Monica High School; Auriel Pattison from Olympic High School; Anthony Merriweather from New Roads High School; Arely Gil from John Adams Middle School; Amarize Finley from Crossroads Middle School; Anya Nelson from New Roads Middle School
Proud family and friends gather with the awardees, along with our incoming president, Tom Larmore, and the Scholarship Committee Chair, Deborah Williams!
Thank you to Deborah for your amazing work on this project!!
We love celebrating the amazing people in our community!
On May 19th, we had our Public Service Recognition Day, where we honored 4 outstanding public servants...those who drive us around, teach our children, save our cats from trees and babies from burning buildings, and protect us from the bad guys...we are so grateful to them all! 
Our honoree from the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District was Lora Morn! She was congratulated by Rotarians Donna Byrd and Michelle Arellano, along with her co-workers Gail Pinsker, Tara Brown, Susan Bronstein, Rachel Bressler, and Maya Lindemann!
Our honoree from the Santa Monica Fire Department was fire fighter Captain Sean Van Sluis! His friends were so proud...Chief Bill Walker, James Altman, Tom Clemo, Michael McElvaney, and Judah Mitchell!

Our honoree from the Santa Monica Police Department was Officer Jennifer Sekera! She was lauded by Rotarians Nat Trives, Michelle Arellano, and Donna Byrd, along with her presenter Deputy Chief Al Venegas, and many of her biggest fans, Michael Sekera, Eric Mathre, and Al Cobb-Adams!



Our honoree from Big Blue Bus, Getty Modica, had a family emergency, so his colleague Maureen Curran accepted in his honor. Rotarians Michelle Arellano and Donna Byrd, along with presenter Rolando Cruz, send their best wishes to Getty! Also in attendance from the Big Blue Bus were Vanessa Mejia, Mark McCullough, Jabryn Donald, George Martinez, David Nanjo, and Liseth Guizar.

Congrats to all our honorees!! Thank you for all you do for your community!!

And thank you to our event chair, Donna Byrd, and all those who worked hard on this days program!!


On May 5th, we had a fabulous meeting! The ever hilarious Past President George Collins subbed for President Connie and used his returned power to fine everyone he could think of! We heard two wonderful and powerful Craft Talks from new members, and we gave away money for a good cause!
We love giving away money! Past President David Bohn presents a check to Tod Lipka, President and CEO of Step Up on Second, for kitchen equipment at Daniel's Place!
We also love collecting money to give away later! Past President, King George, fined Stan Fox for being honored by WISE & Healthy Aging for the award-winning documentary about the homeless woman that Stan has sheltered in his laundromat for 20 years! He even brought the movie poster and news coverage about the film "Queen Mimi"!
Stan took it like a man...he handed the microphone to Grace Cheng Braun, President and CEO of WISE & Healthy Aging!
King George also fined Avo Guerboian for opening his new couture jewelry design business in the Fairmont Miramar Hotel!
He also got Bob Sullivan for being honored by the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica, and Bill Dawson for being honored by the Lions Club of Santa Monica! We sure have some wonderful and superbly loved human beings in our club! 


The entire club applauded Tom and Stefani Loo for once again opening up their home for the International Food and Music Festival!


In turn, Tom recognized the many people who volunteered and sponsored Foodstock, including event chair Karim Jaude and Rick Mateus!

Incoming President-Elect Mitchell Kraus made sure everybody knew about our Dethroning Party on June 25th at Sonny McLean's Irish Pub...
Mitchell, thank you so much for chairing the event!! 


Deborah Williams brought her friend Christie Smith and her husband David Williams, and they were joined on the patio by Cindy Heydt.

Deborah awed us all with her openness and tenacity. She went through some hefty trials and tribulations as a child, but overcame the violence to become a well-respected and accomplished individual. She got scholarships, went to college for business law and then anthropology and social work, and ended up working for the US Navy setting up counseling services and family programs, which she was then asked to expand to other places. She was a special advisor for admirals, and traveled all over the world including Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 17,000 people called her boss! 

23 years ago Deborah fell for her husband David, and they moved to LA in 2009. They have 3 beautiful grandchildren! 

We are especially grateful to Mike Cates, who was not originally schedule to give a talk! Stepping in at the last minute, he gave an incredibly compelling account of his life...he's another who was victorious over childhood misfortunes.

Mike was born in the valley and struggled with sinus issues and pigeon toe. He joined a gang, which led to smoking and stealing. His brother was in gymnastics, and encouraged Mike to join him, which gave him self-confidence and the opportunity to be around a better crowd. Mike suffered a blow when he got hit by a car when riding his bike and went through the windshield...he was near death and in a coma for a week! Again, gymnastics helped to heal him after he recovered.

When drafted, Mike signed up for the Marine Corps and Army, and trained for Vietnam. After he returned from service, he acted for a while, taught in the private sector, and finally decided to open up a gym...a friend who died in combat had told him he was going to work with kids, so Mike wanted to take that dream and make it a reality.

Mike still runs Broadway Gymnastics, with a unique and creative staff. He lives with his sweet wife Mary, a bond created by love at first sight!  

 Craft Talk Chair Charlie Follette applauded the two speakers on their amazing stories, and we all did the same! Thank you for arranging the Craft Talks all year Charlie!! 

April 30th was our International Food Festival in Malibu at the home of Past President Tom Loo and his lovely wife Stefanie DoyLoo! It was a fantastic shindig, and big thanks go to Tom and Stefanie for letting us take over their home!!
There was live music, caterers and home made food, an amazing view, and even a bouncy house for the kids! Thank you to all our sponsors for your donations to make all these wonderful things possible!
Thank you to Rick Mateus, Bret Carter, and all who helped run the bar!!
And thank you to Jennifer Waltzer and all who helped at the check-in table!!

It's a wonderful event to bring your significant other, what with that romantic view and all! 

Christine Mirasy-Glasco brought her hubby George Glasco...



Timur Berberoglu brought his lovely wife Melissa...



Jolly Gissell brought the wonderful Patty...




Lisa Alexander brought John Gorman...




Paul Leoni brought his long-time bride Marilyn...



and Steve Litvack brought his sweetie Gail! 

But it's also about family and friends time!
New member Deborah Williams brought many members of her adorable family...
Past President Nat Trives got to hang with former Executive Secretary June Doy and her precious girl, Mia...
Sharon Perlmutter Gavin brought her son...
and Past President David Bohn was happy to spend time with his brother, Paul!
Dick and Char Lawrence took shade with Pat Collins and Monika White. (Big thanks go to Monika for setting up all the bands that played!)
As did Klaus and Brigitte Brandt and their friends!
Donna Byrd and Carol Powell looked so beautiful that day...
and so did Kathy Shepard and Suzan Allbritton!
Hal & Kai-Li Quigley are always into this event, and it looks like their friends had a good time too!
Carol and Bill Powell along with incoming President Tom Larmore...we hope they weren't talking too much shop, as these three folks will be leaders of the pack over the next year!
We know Jay Smith was having fun...his year of being treasurer is almost over!
This is one of Jack Gregory's favorite events!

We had terrific vendors! Here President Connie Maguire and Past President Nat Trives say hi to the staff of FIG! 

Karim Jaude always helps to sponsor the Lebanese food, including a whole lamb!

The music was fabulous, thanks to Michael Cladis, Steve Shapiro, Carter Crary and Socialite Fiasco Music!

Thanks to Iao Katagiri for taking all these marvelous photos! (And to Nora Bohn for capturing the photographer!)

And thanks again to Tom and Stefanie Loo!! You are so kind to host this event!!

On April 21st we had our Colleague & Co-Worker Day, with a great speaker, Mr. Kevin Groves! 
Speaker Introducer Bret Carter and President Connie Maguire greeted Kevin Groves. In his talk, Kevin described the impact of the millennial generation on the workplace and on careers!
Big thanks go to our Decorations Committee for making the room so festive, and for the Rotary Wheel Cookies!!

We had so many wonderful guests and colleagues of Rotarians! Ken Waltzer brought Nick Nejad, Donna Byrd brought Selina Korkis, Past President Dick Lawrence brought Kathy Irby, Tod Lipka brought Rosemary Sosa, a new Step Up on Second employee, and Laurel Rosen brought Tish Tisherman and Kathy Motz who both contribute to the Chamber of Commerce as professional service consultants.


Incoming President-Elect Mitchell Kraus is chairing the Dethroning Party coming up on June 25, so he came in festive attire to talk about the event!!

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