Welcome! If you are on this page, chances are that you are looking for an effective way to volunteer your time and skills in order to better the world. The Santa Monica Rotary Club (SMRC) is proud to be our community’s local club focused on engineering positive change in our community as well as communities in need across the globe. Our Rotarians put time and effort into service projects as well as funding and support for these efforts, relying on local business leaders to promote positive change.

Do you have a question? Check out our most frequently asked questions about our Rotary Club below, and be sure to contact us for additional information!

Who is the Rotary Club?

Comprised of local business, civic, and professional leaders, the Rotary Club provides a beneficial platform for members to network, grow, and thrive while creating positive change in both the locally and across the globe.

Founded in 1905 in Chicago, the Rotary Club grew quickly, founding clubs on six different continents within 16 years. Through war, disease, and famine, our organization has worked to make a positive impact in the changing world around us. We’re proud of the positive role we’ve played throughout the past 115 years, and invite you to continue making history with us!
What does the Rotary Club Do?

“Service above self.” This motto is at the heart of all of our philanthropic endeavors, and here in Silicon Beach, our Rotarians put in the effort across many spectrums to do whatever we can to serve our community. Rotary is here to provide the perfect opportunity for local leaders and professionals to contribute to good causes while also benefiting from networking with like-minded entrepreneurs. You innovate to excel in your business, so why not put those skills toward positive change?

Globally, the Rotary Club takes on a full range of causes to benefit humankind where it is most needed. In 1979, Rotary began our work to vaccinate children against polio in the Philippines. Today, our international organization has grown in size and skill to create more positive changes.

How large is your organization?

The Santa Monica Rotary Club is proud to be one of the largest service clubs in the Greater Los Angeles area, boasting almost 120 businesses and professional leaders who give back to our community regularly. Globally, the Rotary holds over 1.2 million members worldwide!
How often do you meet?

SMRC hosts weekly meetings in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, providing lunch and key speakers to keep members in the loop as to current projects, upcoming events, and more. Our weekly lunch also provides the perfect platform for local professionals to work together and provide worthy enterprise to the surrounding community.

We take pride in our skills and occupations, and value one another’s contributions toward uniting professionals to provide meaningful service. Want to sign up for one of our weekly lunches and see what it’s all about? Enter your email address into our form to sign up now!
Can I attend other Rotary events and meetings?

Members who travel can earn attendance credits by attending meetings at one of our 32,000 clubs around the world. This is a great opportunity for working professionals to make new acquaintances and forge new friendships wherever they travel.

How hard is the work?

One misconception about the Rotary Club is that we’re all work and no play. The Santa Monica Rotary Club focuses on having a good time whenever possible, from our wine tastings and happy hours to our weekly meetings, weekend projects, parties, and more. We take pride in helping our community, and the bonding achieved through mutual service enables our local leaders to network and thrive.
Do you have a global presence?

Yes! Since 1985, Rotary International has served as a global presence, supporting causes and developing projects to help those most in need. While stopping polio is what we’re known for, Rotary also works to support education, provide clean water, protect mothers and children, and promote peace where we can. Our club is here to support progress and humanitarian efforts across all borders.

How do I get started?

Ready to make a difference? You can sign up for one of our weekly lunches to get started, or you can contact us online to learn more. We look forward to serving with you!