Club Service-Member Services: Lisa Alexander, Director

Club Service-Member Services committees of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica focus on engaging members by providing enjoyable mechanisms to develop closer ties amongst Rotarians and their families.

In addition to increasing social activities beyond regularly scheduled Club Meetings, we intend to continue improving communications not only with Rotarians, but also with the community at-large to increase awareness of Rotary and our Club Members’ involvement in local and international community service projects and fundraising events as well as scholarship and community grant opportunities. We will make every effort to meet or exceed the following objectives.


We are committed to improving communications to ensure that our Club’s members have accurate and timely access to announcements, helpful information, and opportunities to participate in events and projects. Most Club members are regular email users and many are Internet savvy. As more and more Club members and prospective Rotarians use social networking tools and expect attractive and easily navigable websites, we understand the importance to meet these user demands. Similarly, we must also continue to meet the demands of a small number of members who prefer fax or mail delivery.

We are also committed to raising visibility of the Rotary Club of Santa Monica in the local community and intend to do so by preparing and distributing press releases regarding Club projects and activities as well as posting articles and other information on the Club website and social networking sites.

We created an umbrella Communications super committee comprised of chairs of the four (4) predominant communications-related committees -- Rota-Monica, Website/Internet, Photographer, Publicity – to ensure consistent messaging and develop a systematic press relations approach to publicize Club and Rotary activities and programs within the community. The super committee will not supplant the work of the nested committees, but rather will provide support, encouragement, facilitation, and coordination among them.

To share and renew memories and increase fellowship amongst Rotarians members, we will continue to exhibit photos showcasing recent activities during pre-meeting slide shows, in Rota-Monica and on the Club website as well as maintain searchable archive of photos on website to generate enthusiasm and interest in upcoming events and upcoming opportunities to volunteer for Club events, Rotary International programs or Community Service activities. This also facilitates recognition of fellow Rotarians, helping members put names to faces.