1. ShelterBox

    Rota-Monica #27

    Our Rotary meeting started with Past President Tom Loo quoting from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s acceptance speech when Dr. King was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize. He reminded us of the struggle of racial inequality in America at that time.   Past President Tom Larmore continued to create a theme for the day as he led us in the special song of the day: "How Beautiful…Read More

  2. Rota-Monica Newsletter

    Rota-Monica #26

    Now is the time for each Rotarian to focus and ask what you can do to make our Signature Fundraiser Event - The International Food and Wine Festival a true success. We have printed brochures and made them available for you to give to potential sponsors, and to invite your friends and companies you do business with to purchase tickets. The brochures are available at wee…Read More

  3. Rose Bowl Parade 2023

    Rota-Monica #25

    Who are these People? Where are they? Who is the man without the Moustache? It’s Past President Mitchell Kraus standing between Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones (On the left) and District Governor, Olivia Patterson Ryans (On the right). They are at the Rose Bowl Parade with the award-winning Rotary International Float in the background. Craft Talk This w…Read More

  4. Happy New Year

    Rota-Monica #24

    I trust that each of you and your families have enjoyed time together throughout this holiday season. We are excited about this New Year and looking forward to engaging with each of you as we move forward. Now is the time for each Rotarian to focus and ask what you can do to make our Signature Fundraiser Event - The International Food and Wine Festival a true success. W…Read More

  5. Happy Holidays Palm Trees

    Rota-Monica #23

    President's Message HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Club Elections will be held December 16th at the Friday meeting. If you don't plan to attend please contact Bill Powell to give him your absentee ballot. December 16th Rotary is proud to hear from our very own exceptional school district. The SMMUSD Mission Statement: "Extraordinary achievement for all students while simultaneously closi…Read More

  6. Holiday Toy Drive

    Rota-Monica #22

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! John Bartlett, VP of Committees for our Club was the presiding officer last Friday and he wore many hats  as he also reported on our Club’s service project, “Movember”. Bill Chillingworth won the mustache contest. Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones’, Imagine Rotary pins were awarded to seven Rotarians who moved over 100 miles in th…Read More

  7. Thanksgiving Dinner helpers

    Rota-Monica #21

    President's Message HAPPY HOLIDAYS!Thanksgiving meal served to SMPD by RCSM members, family, and friends. December 18th through December 26th families will gather for the eight-day Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah or Chanukah which commemorates the rededication during the second century B.C. of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, where according to legend Jews had rev…Read More

  8. Rota-Monica #20

    This week’s meeting, “A House Divided”, focused on the status and hopeful changes at USC an UCLA Football programs. This traditional rivalry lunch at our Club was filled with trash talk, and team loyalty from beginning to end. Past President Bill Powell introduced our expert panelist: Antonio Morales, who covers USC Football for the New York Times, Vince Evans, a f…Read More

  9. Rota-Monica #19

    The Rotary Club of Santa Monica Celebrate Veterans Day - 2022 Jere Romano, California State Commander American Legion & Police Captain for Santa MonicaCollege, Member of Legion Post 123 Santa Monica Bay grabbed the attention of all. He shared his personal story and the significance of the American Legion and how the Legion relates to Veterans around the world today. Th…Read More