Kinan Aljamal – Club Member Since 2021 My name is Kinan Aljamal. I was born and raised in Syria. I immigrated to the US in 2008. I got my first degree in accounting back in Syria , I also attended California State University of Northridge and got my second degree in financial analysis. Throughout my study years, I did a lot of charity work from cleaning the parks and the beaches, feeding the homeless etc. I have moved to Santa Monica CA in 2019 to get closer to my work in Century City as a financial advisor. I also partnered with my little brother to own a liquor store in South Redondo Beach. I love hiking , swimming , and watching documentary movies. I love basketball because I played it my entire life. I am a huge believer in what goes around comes around, I also believe that we should be more kind to each other and help each other for better community.