ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK  – Nora Bohn, Club Member since 2016

Born to a latin american show biz couple in Mexico. We Immigrated LEGALLY to CA when I was a baby-as a teenager. I danced on American Bandstand, did voiceovers in Spanish for radio and tv- lost my parents as a teenager.

At 19, got a job as a flight attendant where I really should NOT have been in charge of ANYONE’s safety, EVER. But my flights were very entertaining and the passengers usually left my flights pretty cheerful.

Married and had 2 spectacular babies which grew up to be spectacular adults. My ex and I owned a gym called Beverly Hills Health and Fitness for 20 years and flipped houses (14 of them!) and we built 2 houses in Costa Rica.

I worked as an interpreter in medical offices and legal settings and also as Spanish Language Liaison for a very rough high school in Long Beach where I frequently had to drive gang members home and talk to their parents since most did not own phones or have landlines. Many lived in squalor and rarely had enough to eat. Some of my students had already been arrested for VERY serious offenses but I loved my work and I loved the kids. It was probably my favorite job, to date.

I worked as a business development manager for the best forensic engineering firm EVER! If something exploded, flooded, failed or crashed, our engineers would figure out what happened and serve as expert witnesses.

Almost 5 years ago I met the man of my dreams-the Perfectly Perfect Paulito Bohn—you MAY have heard about that! For the past 2 years, I have been running his practice.

The first trophy I ever received was the Herb Spurgeon award from SM Rotary and it is one of my prized possessions and sits proudly on my home office desk.