ROTARIAN OF THE WEEK  –  Linh Da Tran, Club Member since 2021


Linh Da was born in Gainesville, FL and has one elder sister, less than 2 years apart.  This made for a very competitive childhood.  Her mom was a lab technician, after being a history teacher in Vietnam.  Her dad grew up on a coconut farm outside of Saigon and is very skilled at climbing limbless trees!  After the Vietnam War, both parents were stranded in Florida and left to build a new life.

Her life trajectory changed when her dad got a job in Durham, NC.  It was a lucky coincidence as the Triangle has more jobs, more opportunities, and (IMHO) better universities! There she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Immediately looking for big city life, Linh Da got a summer job in Idyllwild, CA as a camp photographer.  On the weekends, she drove to LA and eventually signed an apartment lease with three new roommates.  She loaded her belongings in her car and drove cross-country; and thus made the move official.  She’s been in LA ever since 2007.

She met her husband Kyle, at the company holiday party.  The wedding themed party was in celebration because the company had just launched a weddings website.  Foreshadowing what is to come, they married in 2016 and now are the obsessive parents of Yoshi, the 12-year old, talking parrot (Instagram @lilac_yoshi_the_amazon).

Linh Da works in technology, ecommerce and start-ups as a Program Manager.  She loves helping teams scale and launching big, strategic initiatives.  When she’s not working for others, she is busy as a real estate investor (LA multi-family housing) and property manager, where she helps other small property owners manage their properties and residents.

In her free time, she has recently taken up roller skating, singing, and playing the ukulele with her husband, Kyle.  They plan to start a Taylor Swift, ska cover band one day.