Deven Khosla – Club Member Since 2019

Hello, my name is Deven Khosla, and I was born in Delhi, India and raised in a town in North India called Chandigarh till age 11. In 1982, my mother, sister and I travelled to join my father who had immigrated to Los Angeles 2 years prior.  He was an engineer and had saved up enough to buy a small condo in San Dimas. However, we moved the year after to be closer to my father’s work in Alhambra where I attended the local schools – Garfield Elementary and Alhambra High School.  After 10th grade, we moved to El Sereno where we bought our first single family home and then proceeded to transfer to Wilson High School where I graduated from.

My mother was a teacher in LAUSD and my father worked as an engineer. They encouraged myself and my older sister to pursue sciences and medical school. My sister led the way and went from Cal State LA to UC Davis medical school and helped mentor me in the process of applying. I went to Loyola University in Chicago and stayed for a residency training for a total of 10 years of post-graduate education.

What sparked my interest in Neurosurgery was a 24-year-old patient with hydrocephalus (too much fluid in the brain) who was on death’s door and comatose and we were able to save with surgery and woke up immediately after we corrected her condition. This miraculous change was inspiring and changed the course of my career.

I especially enjoy the constant innovation with both brain and spinal surgery and the patients whose lives we can transform.  We take care of patients from the premature infant to those in their last days of life, which is a true privilege.

As time has gone on, I have had the opportunity to be in various settings with different hospitals and have taken care of tens of thousands of patients. Each case brings its own set of challenges and I have grown with every interaction I have had. I do feel the trust that is placed with me to care for the patient is sacred and I never take it for granted. When I founded Achieve Brain and Spine in Santa Monica, we made it a point to be in network for all insurance companies including Medi-cal and Medicare so that every patient could access the highest quality of health care. The inequality in our society from socio-economics to race and gender biases play themselves out in health care in a very personal manner. We are dedicated to the personal activism to take care of all patients and not have people have surprise medical bills. We feel that the wealthiest persons and poorest people will have equal access to our neurosurgical care.

I joined the Rotary Club of Santa Monica for the purpose of being with like-minded individuals who are committed to the community and beyond and believe in helping people of all walks of life. There are parallels with my personal and professional missions of being a physician and surgeon in the community and providing Neurosurgical and Spine Surgery care to those who need it. I live in Santa Monica and am privileged to be on staff at the local hospitals.  On a personal note, we as a family enjoy the beach, bike rides, tennis, soccer, music and dance. We also love travelling as a family and seeing all parts of the world. I like listening to records and driving around in my VW camper van as well. I am married to Blair and have three children, Mira, Tarik and Indigo and a chocolate lab Mr. Bo Jangles – known as “Bo.”  Recently, we adopted a shepherd mix rescue dog named Molly.