Vicky Curtis is a past Director on our Board of Directors and is currently serving as Secretary.  Born in Denver, Vicky and her husband run Curtis and Company a marketing, advertising and design company.  Her interests include Pilot, Airplanes, World Politics, and Nutrition.  In addition to serving on the board, Vicky is our Brand Manager, a new position in charge of coordinating all of our PR and communications.  Besides co-chairing our wine fest, Vicky has helped us create ads, helps with facebook, created banners and is helping with our new digital marketing.

Vicky is Probably the only person in our club to crash in a hot air balloon. She was in Sedona, Arizona and the wind was blowing faster than expected and forced her team to make an emergency landing or risk running into the cliffs. On their descent, they strategically hit a desert “bush” to slow them down.  She learned that they don’t bend and it was like hitting a brick wall. They Rolled in the basket until they could get the balloon under control.   She says it was Exciting – no injuries.