1. Answering Rotary Club FAQs

    Welcome! If you are on this page, chances are that you are looking for an effective way to volunteer your time and skills in order to better the world. The Santa Monica Rotary Club (SMRC) is proud to be our community’s local club focused on engineering positive change in our community as well as communities in need across the globe. Our Rotarians put time and effort into…Read More

  2. What Does The Rotary Club Do?

    Rotary clubs are commonly known across society, yet many citizens are unsure of their purpose when asked. If you’ve ever been curious to know what the people behind that symbol do with their free time, be sure to keep reading to learn about a few of our main causes. The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is here to serve as a local resource for positive change, helping business…Read More

  3. What Can Our Rotary Club In Santa Monica Do For You?

    Nearly everyone has heard of the Rotary Club, yet few non-members can describe what it is that this social club does. If you’re interested in the Rotary Club of Santa Monica (RCSM), it can help to know that our organization in the heart of Silicon Beach puts forth and organizes projects that help our local community as well as those just like ours around the world. The R…Read More