September 29th brought us a wonderful meeting! We love Craft Talks, where two newer members give us their life story in 10-12 minutes!
Cindy was brief in her statements, but it was nice to hear some of her background...who would have thought she grew up on a dairy farm! She was one of three girls, and now she has 5 adult children of her own.
Chuck Husting gave a more detailed account of a rattlesnake woman for a mother that settled for nothing less than grit, of horseback riding lessons, military academy in the summers, and ballet...what's better than raising up girls in leotards, right?! He told of his adventure driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, about his real estate business, his two teen sons, and his wife, the love of his life.
Thank you Bret Carter for introducing guests and visiting Rotarians, and updating us on the Million Dollar Dinner that the District is throwing! Make sure to turn in your raffle tix!
It was so nice to see former Assistant District Governor Guity Javid there with her daughter Negeen Dehesh (member of the Beverly Hills Rotary.) Guity gave a very informative presentation about the upcoming District Trip to Columbia. It's almost sold out already!


Thanks Karim Jaude for your wonderful invocation!




And to David Wisen and Nick Goehner for being an effective greeting duo at the door!

Steve Taub is our perennial visiting Rotarian from the Beverly Hills Club! Even though the DoubleTree is farther away than the Riviera was, he still enjoys attending our meetings frequently!


And Nick Goehner brought a special guest, the lovely Linda Larson!

Thank you DoubleTree Hilton!

The DoubleTree Hilton continues to work hard to ensure that Rotary is well taken care of! Thank you to Dave Romano and Brian Murphy who always stop by to check up on us. Laurel Rosen and all the Rotarians appreciate it!