On September 22nd we had a fabulous meeting! Dr. Greg Saccone joined us as our speaker, and we had so many other wonderful visitors! Plus, we had a huge birthday celebration!
President Tom Larmore with Yesenia Monsour (Past Chair of the Board, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and Director of Community Relations, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles), speaker Dr. Greg Saccone (Chief Medical Officer, Kaiser Permanente-Santa Monica), and Barbara Bishop. Thanks to Barbara for introducing all our guests and visiting Rotarians!
It was National Ice Cream Cone Day, so the DoubleTree Hilton's Dave Romano was ready to fill cone or bowls. Bill Dawson was a two-bowl guy. Were they both for him? We'll never know...
Thanks to the good Reverend Joe Metoyer who gave a wonderful invocation that asked for help for natural disaster victims and for improving our health care system!
And thanks to Vicky Curtis for introducing our Speaker!
Isn't it great to see everybody with these big smiles at Rotary!?

Nora Bohn and her brother-in-law Past President David Bohn were our amazing greeters!



The Wine Fest Committee is really revving up for the event November 5th!! Andrea Gressinger and Ken Waltzer joined forces to raise more sponsorships for the festival. Thank you to Bill and Carol Powell who have offered a large matching grant to encourage more sponsorships!


Drew Fleming was our President's Pick for the week. He's also co-chairing the Rotary Day of Service Committee with Tom Woods, and the report is that we had a very successful event helping to landscape and clean up at SaMoHi!!

Repeat customers...

Dan Smarg returned for another experience with the club, introduced this time by Roger Davis! I think Dan likes us!



And Deborah Williams introduced again her returning guest, Sandy Alarcon!


And newbies! 

Matt Williams picked up two people at a sushi bar (it sounds like a joke, but it isn't) who expressed interest in Rotary. He invited Greg and Beth to the meeting and they showed up!

Visiting Rotarians!
JT Warring from LA5, the project leader for the Myanmar orphanage pool project, returned with the current intern from Myanmar, Aye Chan Maung!
Another LA5 guests was Herb McGurk!
And rounding out the Dynamic Trio from LA5 was Walter Railey. Santa Monica Rotary's meetings are a lot more free-form than Walter is used to.

Happy Birthday Rotarians!

We celebrated all these incredible human beings: Past President Paul Leoni, Past President George Collins, Timur Berberoglu, Greg Hargrave, Mike Isseks, Past President Tom Loo, Past President David Bohn, Palle Jensen, Nora Bohn, Lisa Alexander, Kurtis Magee, Avo Guerboian, Joe Metoyer, Past President Hal Quigley, and Past President Spyros Dellaportas