Our meeting on October 27th was spooktacular! We celebrated Halloween, had wonderful guests, and our speaker was J.B. Severin, talking all about wine!!
Guess who won the costume contest?? Len Frankenstein Lanzi! Not only was his costume great, but he wore it on National Frankenstein Friday!! Melissa Dagodag was happy to greet all who walked in the door, even if they were a little green. :)
So many folks got into the spirit! Nora Bohn got a fright from Susan Gabriel Potter in her skeletal ambitions!
Myles Pritchard wooed and danced with Suzan Allbritton!
Our witchy woman was Lisa Alexander!
And we even caught the elusive photographer hiding under a spider!


It was hard to tell who some people were behind their newfound faces!




Can you guess who these folks are??






Our guests must have been scared silly! :)

Melissa Dagodag (second from left) greeted and exchanged flags with three from the Tenerife South Club in Spain: Pedro Ripol (current President), Teresa Ten (Past President) and Guacimara Magdaleno who were in town working on a film production!


And Nora Bohn greeted Amalia Calderon Barragan from Ecuador, who also brought her mother who lives in Los Angeles!


Rick Mateus got fined for his impending fourth grandchild!
RoseMary got hit for shamelessly promoting her husband’s show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO!
Steve Litvack was fined for he and his wife’s 50th wedding anniversary!
And Frankenlen made sure Ken Waltzer got fined for his and Jennifer's recent trip to Chile!

Thanks to our speaker J.B. Severin for teaching us so many great tips about wine!

J.B. says, "Don't store wine in the fridge!" He also made sure we knew that if a bottle is corked, it needs to lay on its side so the cork keeps moist, and that when looking at a wine review you can check at the bottom to see when to drink that particular wine!

And a special thanks to our Décor Committee, Diane Margolin, Donna Byrd and Susan Gabriel Potter, who made the room so festive and spooky!