October 13th was a fun day! Jackson Varady was our speaker, talking about Happiness: The Art of Turning Blahs into Aahs!
Michelle Arellano introduced the speaker, and she looks pretty happy about it!
Thank you to Melissa Dagodag and Kurtis Magee for expertly greeting at the door!!
And thank you to Nora Bohn and President Tom Larmore for stepping up and being our song leaders! Tom brought his trusty ax since the regular accompanists were sick or out of town.

We always enjoy seeing former member Alonzo Hill! Joe Metoyer's guest was D'Andre Parker, and RoseMary Regalbuto had fun hanging with this handsome trio! 


Sheila Spencer, Santa Monica High School PTSA, was a guest at the club to thank everyone for the Day of Service to landscape a section of the campus!



And speaking of our Rotary Day of Service, Co-Chair Drew Fleming recognized all the Rotarians who worked on Saturday, Oct. 10, to clean up and improve the landscaping in a major section of the Santa Monica High School campus.


Dr. Eric Schmitter received a large tube of Bengay...



and Erik Jorgensborg got a bottle of wine...


as they both worked exceptionally hard! 


Thank you to all who worked on the Rotary Day of Service!

Drew asked all who worked that day to stand, which included Sharon Perlmutter Gavin, Eric Schmitter, Len Lanzi, Bill Powell, co-chair Tom Woods, Erik Jorgensborg and President-Elect Mitchell Kraus!