On January 26th we had a great speaker, gave away lots of money, celebrated birthdays, and competed in the National Big Wig Day Competition!
David Orth-Moore, Senior Advisor on Africa for the Catholic Relief Services, was brought to Rotary by Vice President, Bill Powell. David and Bill have been working to fund a water project in El Salvador, and by vote of our board of directors, our club will be donating a large sum of money to help in these efforts!
We love giving away money to charities in need! Past President Connie Maguire and Assistant District Governor Guity Javid presented a check to Dollies Making a Difference...  
And Melissa Dagodag presented a check to Josephine Moerschel, Executive Director of Elemental Music!
Happy birthday, Rotarians!
We celebrate you, Russ Warner, Timur Berberoglu, President-Elect Mitchell Kraus, Past President Connie Maguire, Bill Dawson, Past President Judy Neveau, President Tom Larmore, and Larry Maher!
National Big Wig Day!
It was fun to participate in our wiggy themed day! Past President Judy Neveau convinced her guest Lauren to come in style as well! 
Stan Fox took it to a literal level. Great mop, Stan!
President Trump even showed up!
Wait, no, that's our President-Elect Mitchell Kraus!
Mitch, after being president of Rotary, you should give it a shot in the White House! You got the right hair! 
Charlie Follette found it difficult to have a serious conversation with President Tom Larmore, judge in chief!  
But the winner of it all was the fabulous Larry "Alice Cooper" Maher!!
Co-judge with President Tom, Executive Secretary Savi Labensart, congratulated Larry on his achievement! Larry, you should really consider this as a permanent look!
It was such a great meeting! Thanks to all who made it possible!