May 6th was our International Food & Song Fest in Malibu, and what a beautiful day it was for a party!!
A huge thank you goes to Past President Tom Loo & his amazing wife Stefanie DoyLoo for hosting at their beautiful home!! 
Karim Jaude, Tom Loo, and Bret Carter were all instrumental in making this fabulous day happen! Thank you gentlemen!
This is a favorite event for many, and we are sad that this may be the last year we can have it at the Loo's home! Len Lanzi, Suzan Allbritton, and Timur & Melissa Berberoglu were enjoying this view for sure!
The music provided was wonderful!
And we even had a musical dancer!
Rotarians and guests enjoyed themselves eating and drinking, listening to music, and taking in the amazing view!!
Attendees included Patty and Jolly Gissell, Jeff Jarrow, Ben Blakely, Past President Nat Trives, Donna Byrd, John McIntire, Ellen Travis, and President Tom Larmore! 
More attendees included Greg Abrams, Jennifer Littlefield, Andrea Gressinger, Past President Spyros Dellaportas & his sweet wife Donna, Pam Brady, and Char Lawrence!
David Rosenfeld, Bill Powell, Pat Johnston and her lovely daughter Kathy, our long lost Blair Brandenberg, Billy Howard, RoseMary Regalbuto, and Tammy Andrews attended as well!
Monika White was kind enough to put all the musicians on the schedule, thank you Monika!! She attended with her hubby Roger Goodman and here they are with Robert Segal! 
Past President Paul Gaulke gives a warm hug to our hostess, Stefanie DoyLoo. She deserves lots of hugs and thank yous!
Looks like Chuck Husting is either helping Bret behind the bar, or getting into some kind of trouble. Which do you think is the case? :)
Thank you to all our vendors, those who sponsored to have them, and those who cooked! Everything was so delish!
And a big thanks to Mike Cates for sponsoring this gigantic bouncer for the kids that came!!
What a fabulous event!