Santa Monica in 2018
Mar 23, 2018
Frank Gruber (Champagne at 11:30am!)
Santa Monica in 2018

NOTE: 11:30am Champagne Reception this day sponsored by the Rotary Club of Santa Monica Past Presidents!!

Frank Gruber lives and works (as an entertainment lawyer) in Santa Monica. In the 1990s he became an activist involved in land use issues and other issues there, and then a Planning Commissioner, but he was dropped from the Planning Commission when political opponents won election to the City Council. After that he found his true calling when he wrote, for more than a decade a weekly column about life and politics in the beach front city for The Santa Monica Lookout News website.

One collection of his columns has been published as a book — Urban Worrier: Making Politics Personal. Ben Joravsky, the Chicago Reader columnist who wrote Hoop Dreams, wrote this about the book: “A delightful read, and not just because I agree with much of what Frank Gruber has to say. This book gets to the heart of how local governments work.”

In January 2012 Gruber announced that he was terminating his column so that he could run for the Santa Monica City Council; he ultimately lost elections for the council in both 2012 and 2014. Although since then he has served the City on two commissions, most of his local activism these days consists of occasionally writing about Santa Monica from the safety of his own blog, called The Healthy City Local. Regionally he is the Chair of the Sierra Club’s Los Angeles County Political Committee and is a member of the Advisory Board for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and a member of the Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica. He is also on the boards of the Santa Monica Airport2Park Foundation and the Jacaranda chamber music series.

Gruber resides in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica with his wife, a professor at USC.