Congratulations to the following Santa Monica Rotarians for completing all the tasks required to receive their permanent badges:  Richard Lombari, Kathryn Markolf, and Felix Crown.  Congratulations to Vicky Curtis for the new grandbaby in the family.

Another wonderful and informative program was enjoyed by all in-person attendees and our Zoom audience on Friday.  Sean Nollan gave our club a look inside the life of an Ocean Lifeguard.  Sean has been an Ocean Lifeguard with the Los Angeles County Fire Department since 1999.  He explained some of the rigors one goes through to become a LACFD Ocean Lifeguard.  He shared the test given recently at Zuma Beach for 180 recruits that included swimming 1,000 meters in the ocean followed by distance running.  He says, it’s an arduous test of endurance.

The type of Lifeguard candidates with aquatic ability is certainly increasing every year.  Some of this is due to their recruiting efforts as they reach out to high school water polo teams for their Junior Lifeguard Program.  They currently have 4300 Junior Lifeguards in the Los Angeles County program now.  Their recruiting program expands over the far-reaching areas of Los Angeles County.  Despite ramping up recruitment efforts they are experiencing a shortage of Lifeguards at County lakes and pools.

Several of our members could attest to the experience their children have had with the Junior Lifeguard Program.  Erik Jorgensborg shared during the Q and A time that his daughter went through the Junior Lifeguard training and during the training she helped a young person who was caught in a rip current at sea.  Several Rotarians had personal stories like Erik’s.

Sean also showed film clips of water rescues at Abalone Cove off the coast of Palos Verdes where the rip currents are especially strong.  The Ocean Lifeguard’s essential equipment includes swim fins, and a helmet among other things.  The fins give power to assist the swimmer in swimming across the currents and the helmet is for safety when the waves are strong and push the rescuer against the rocks as demonstrated in the Abalone Cove film.

Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguards often hold trainings for the public as this past weekend at Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach.  These Lifeguards do sidewalk CPR, they have managed COVID test sites, and they go up to three miles off the coast to assist with water rescues.  They have been trained to use Marine Technical Sonar for mapping of the ocean’s floor to locate  missing swimmers.

In recent years they have been supported through sponsorships, like the on-land trucks are fully sponsored by Toyota.  This allows the LCFD Ocean Lifeguards to use their budget in other areas of need.

Here is how we can help this wonderful organization:  Rotarian members our speaker, Sean Nollan, is seeking more opportunities to present and share about the County Lifeguard program. In hopes some members may belong to other organizations that would welcome a free good speaker. Please contact: Pam Brady at to be connected to Sean.

Thanks, Len Lanzi for managing our Zoom and slide presentations at this meeting and Gary Ogden for greeting all who came to the Hilton.  The Cheer Squad of David, Pam and Rose Mary didn’t miss a beat, they are getting better each week.  Ken Waltzer, thanks for the music and Timur Berberoglu thanks for double duty – leading the songs and the pledge, and for being the president’s pick of the day.  Felix Crown, thanks for the invocation.  Richard Lombari, thanks for introducing our speaker, Sean Nollan, and Donna Byrd thanks for introducing visiting Rotarians and Guest of Rotarians.


SMC 2.0: What’s New Beyond 2022
Santa Monica College is a public, community college in Santa Monica, California. Founded as a junior college in 1929. In 2020- 2021 SMC enrolled over 41,160 students in more than 90 fields of study. Join us as we hear from Dr. Kathryn Jeffery, Superintendent/President of Sant Monica College on the status of the college and where plans on going in the future.
Host Rotarian Introducer: Judy Neveau
Cost:  $68 includes buffet lunch for visiting Rotarians & Guests
Coming Up: Friday Oct 21st
Assembly member Richard Bloom
“A Decade in Review”

Rotary Club of Santa Monica invites you to join us for a great opportunity to hear from Calfornia Assembly member Richard Bloom on his legislative accomplishments over the years and  highlights from his time in the State Assembly.

Host Rotarian Introducer: Gary Odgen

Oct 13th- Book Club Meeting  ” The Last White Man” by Mohsin Hamid.
Hamid pushes the boundaries of what it means to be white/black/brown. In doing so he uncovers hidden fears, horrors, ambiguities in our colour- coded, race-coded imprisoned world. The novel shatters these prisons and reveals possibilities for living beyond these codes. This is a well-written novel with interesting plot and characters.
Oct 29th- Halloween Party
MAR 4th – Wine and Food Festival 2023- more details to come.
MAR 16- 23rd -District Humanitarian Trip to Belize
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